8 Guelph Companies Fueling Growth for Southern Ontario

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The Innovation Guelph team in their exciting new location that features hot desks, workshop/event space & co-working facilities.
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Innovation Guelph (IG), a Regional Innovation Centre servicing Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin and the surrounding communities, fuels the growth of innovative, scalable businesses in four primary growth sectors: agri-innovation, cleantech, manufacturing and information and communication technology. Innovation Guelph is also recognized for its success in accelerating women-led businesses and supporting female entrepreneurs from startup to scale up, helping them build capacity and overcome obstacles.

IG is expanding to better meet the demand for services and increased flexible space for clients. Their new location at 361 Southgate Drive in Guelph ON is vibrant, welcoming and more centrally located within the innovation corridor. It has been established with client needs at the forefront and includes a rentable event space, cost-effective hot desks and co- location opportunities, with flexible meeting rooms for the startups and small to medium- sized companies Innovation Guelph serves.

Along with the increased capacity of the new facility and ample on-site parking, the new location includes a wet lab space that will be commissioned when funding allows. Given the lack of available lab space within the region for companies transitioning from academic research to commercialization, IG is pleased to be able to offer this amenity in the near future.

“Our goal is to provide small and developing businesses with the environment they need to accelerate their growth from startup through scale up,” said Anne Toner Fung, executive director, Innovation Guelph.

Innovation Guelph provides growing companies with a place to thrive.

The move is made possible by the support of long-time client, Mirexus Inc. looking to give back to the ecosystem that supported their early growth, Mirexus will offset a portion of Innovation Guelph’s occupancy costs for three years. Their contribution enables IG to provide expanded services and facilities to better support the next generation of innovative companies.

Innovation Guelph will continue to offer their programs, workshops, and networking events at the new location providing education, resources and strategic support for transformational change to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). IG’s inclusive network positions companies to achieve new levels of growth and maturity, building on great ideas.

Innovation Guelph’s novel business acceleration programs have helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs to grow, thrive and contribute to a diverse and robust economy. IG’s unparalleled roster of mentors and industry specialists are experts in all aspects of business. Reflecting Innovation Guelph’s belief that communities prosper, and companies thrive when we inclusively nurture people, planet and profit, IG staff inspire companies at all stages to purposefully consider sustainability factors. That theme is also woven into many workshops and presentations offered regularly to clients and the community.

Here are 8 Guelph companies fueling growth for Southern Ontario.

Hellamaid: A Cleaning Service that’s Changing the Game

When you think “cleaning service,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If you’re like most people and think “over-priced, frustrating, unfriendly or mistreated staff,” you’re not alone. Hellamaid is a top-rated house cleaning service in Guelph that’s on a mission to change the face of cleaning. Our top 3 values? Transparency, quality, and kindness.

1. Transparency

Our online booking platform make the experience smooth and easy. Customers can easily customize their cleaning online, and know exactly when the cleaners are coming to clean their home.

2. Quality

Whether you’re looking to book a standard, deep, or move-in cleaning, our cleaners are trained and well equipped to handle the job. A checklist is provided so you know exactly what gets done.

3. Kindness

Yes we treat our clients right, but our cleaners get most of the care and attention. As Richard Branson once said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

No longer do people have to arrange for tedious in-house estimates, or worry about the legitimacy of people coming into their homes. You and your home are in good hands when you book a cleaning with Hellamaid!

Learn more at www.hellamaid.ca

Regrowing a wild tradition

The story began in the summer of 1993, when the parents of the two founders Glen and Alex Smyth, finished building a house on their newly purchased farmer’s field in Wellesley Ontario; planting a crabapple tree to mark the occasion. In 2016, Glen called a local restaurant in Stratford to see if they would be interested in buying some Crabapple jelly made from this tree, and the restaurant gladly bought everything that one crabapple tree could produce. However, when the Smyth brothers went looking for more crabapples, they came to a shocking discovery.

Their special variety of crabapple tree was dying in North America.

That was the spark that moved the brothers to start Appleflats and work to bring back crabapples to Ontario and eventually the rest of North America. Today the Smyth brothers actively partner with multiple universities to study this native fruit and work to preserve any trees they find remaining. You can do your part too; every bottle supports these conservation and research efforts to keep crabapple around for generations.

To learn more visit appleflatsfoods.com

Composite Asset Intelligence You Can Count On

UTComp Inc. is setting a new standard for safety and reliability of industrial tanks, pipes and other equipment made from composite materials. We are a global leader in Composite Asset Intelligence, offering a full spectrum of composite engineering and inspection services.

Our patented UltraAnalytixTM inspection system features innovative ultrasound technology for fast, accurate, cost-effective analysis of the strength and condition of composite assets throughout their life cycle. Our non-destructive, non-intrusive technology provides the data for proactive service-life forecasting while keeping operations running and workers safe.

UTComp founder Geoff Clarkson is nominated for a 2019 Manning Award, as one of the best and brightest innovators in Canada for developing this advanced system.

Continuously evolving and advancing, UTComp is now perfecting QCAnalytix, a new in-line, quality control inspection system for composite manufacturers, launching in late 2019.

Contact us at: inquiries@utcomp.com or click www.utcomp.com

International Recognition for Guelph-based Clinic

MMTR Physiotherapy, located in Guelph, is the home of MyoWorx® concussion treatment. MyoWorx® sees concussions as more than just a brain injury. Using the proprietary TM20 device along with expert-designed exercises, MyoWorx® treats the muscular problem effecting brain function.

Over the last 30 years, Terry Moore has continued to perfect the MyoWorx® approach resulting
in exceptional treatment outcomes for all concussion symptoms, chronic pain and dysfunction, making MMTR a sought-after destination for patients from around the world. The key to this success is the use of
the innovative TM20 device, a technology
that uses Moore’s specific sequence of electrical pulses to change the biochemistry of injured muscle associated with symptoms of concussion. MyoWorx® is excited to unveil the TM20 device 2.0 for use at MMTR Physiotherapy and beyond as the company looks to embark on expansion to the Greater Toronto Area and throughout North America.

To learn more visit mmtrphysiotherapy.ca

Investing in mental health is good business

All over the world, mental health and addiction issues are ruining lives, tearing apart families, and costing businesses and economies billions of dollars.

The Life Recovery Program (LRP) is breaking through the barriers of traditional mental health care by providing an award-winning mental health platform that is accessible 24/7 from the anonymity of your home. Recognizing that only 1/3 of affected individuals ever seek help through traditional channels, a growing number of employers are shifting to LRP in order to increase program participation. Individuals that were suffering in silence are finally getting the support they need, and their employers are gaining a competitive advantage through reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, improved productivity, and enhanced workplace harmony. By partnering with DriverCheck, LRP has also completed the cycle of drug detection, treatment and recovery – providing psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Learn more at liferecoveryprogram.com.

Veriphy Skincare: Powered by Nature, Backed by Science

“Powered by nature, backed by science” is the mantra of Guelph-based Veriphy Skincare. A beauty start-up led by a team of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Veriphy is a high-performance, natural skincare line that harnesses the power of PhytoSpherix®
(phytoglycogen), a breakthrough ingredient discovered at the University of Guelph. Previously only available through animal sources, researchers at the University developed a green process deriving glycogen exclusively from plants. When incorporated into skincare products, PhytoSpherix® acts as an excellent skin moisturizer and anti-aging defense.

The product line includes, Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer ($85), Power Trip Facial Serum ($105) and 20/20 Eye Cream ($82). Veriphy is committed to supporting women in STEM and has developed a bursary award with the University of Guelph, which is awarded to a first-year female student in STEM with a minimum average of 80% and demonstrated financial need.

Learn more at www.veriphyskinchare.com.

Love your skin again

ArtMed is a family owned, physician-operated medical aesthetics clinic in central Guelph. We pride ourselves in offering industry-leading,
research supported options for the treatment of visible age-related change and skin concerns. As multi award winning experts in the art of cosmetic
medicine we provide clinical excellence, premium products and best in class technology in a private, state-of-the-art setting. In an industry with a constantly changing landscape we are a trusted and leading authority for the women and men in our region. Education is central to our mission. We are known for our detailed individualized assessments and for answering all your questions. Your personal treatment plan is designed to address your specific goals in the short and long term whilst providing a cost-sensitive plan that is in tune with your lifestyle. In an industry that be can be full of false promises, you can be assured that ArtMed will deliver!

Visit artmed.ca or follow us on social media at #artmedguelph

Reducing Fleet Idling Up To 70%

Getting a GRIP on Fleet Idling

GRIP Idle Management Inc. manufactures innovative anti-idling technology, inspired to create a greener, ROI-positive solutions for fleets. The GRIP Idle Management System is an all-in-one plug-and-play technology that reduces vehicle emissions, fuel consumption, and fuel & maintenance costs while extending vehicle life and improving operator safety and security. With an average idling reduction of 30-70% and a typical payback period of 8 months, the GRIP Idle Management System saves fleets thousands of dollars per vehicle every year.

Learn more at gripidlemanagement.com/igshowcase.

To learn more about Innovation Guelph please visit their website https://innovationguelph.ca/ , or stop in at Innovation Guelph, 361 Southgate Drive, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. You can also connect via email here or call (519) 265-4495.