Government Grants & Funding

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Mentor Works Ltd. helps companies get government funding. We work directly with Canadian businesses to help build and execute on their custom-developed Proactive Funding Plan™. This approach helps you grow your business and increase your cash flow by creating a proactive plan for government funding.

By building a Proactive Funding Plan™ based on your business’ strategic priorities, we will maximize your cash flow planning to help fund your business expansion efforts, new technology/ equipment, hiring, training, and research & development activities.

Mentor Works’ turnkey approach includes matching funding with each client’s unique priorities, while streamlining the application process and keeping our clients up-to-date on all funding news and announcements so they never miss out on a funding opportunity.

Mentor Works also offers free educational business resources, including Downloadable Funding Resources, Funding Webinars & Workshops, a Daily Funding Blog, a Weekly Funding Newsletter, and a List of Top Funding Programs.

Find Funding Now:

  1. Connect with Mentor Works today by phone 1-888-599-3111 or Contact Form to discover funding opportunities for your business.
  2. Register for an upcoming funding webinar to explore grants and repayable funding options for specific industries and project types.

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