Live Well, For Life

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with Dr. Peter Nord, Chief Medical Director at Medcan

Here are three simple habits to help promote healthspan.

Exercise without feeling like it’s exercise:

Research shows regular physical activity plays a protective role against dementia. Sounds simple, but walking, running, biking, even taking the stairs all contribute to illness prevention, including dementia.

Dr. Peter Nord

Spend time in nature either alone or with others:

Studies show that getting outside helps lower blood pressure, heart rate and risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Take a brisk walk in a park, or in your neighborhood, and bring along a family member, or friend to join you.

If you like your work, do it for as long as you can:

A recent study suggests that early retirement is associated with an increased mortality risk. Working, even part-time, keeps your mind engaged, which helps promote an improved health span. People have been shown to benefit from learning a new skill or engaging in a new hobby later in life.

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