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Region: post secondary

Perspective Burlington Globe and Mail worforce

Mcmaster, Mohawk and Sheridan Feeding Burlington’s Workforce

the future of your business may be fuelled by these post-secondary institution graduates Burlington offers access to a deep and...
london ontario Perspective London 2019 Globe and Mail

Special Feature on London inside The Globe and Mail

Commerce, Culture and Innovation! London Ontario is a diverse community offering a well-balanced economy that embraces strengths across many industries which is featured...
office technology tv medic hamilton synapse

Hamilton leads the next Digital Health Generation

The application of digital technologies is transforming all aspects of healthcare. The volume of medical data generated worldwide is expected to double every 73...
Charu Kaushic is a mucosal immunologist mcmaster doctor

Hamilton’s World Leading Biomedicine Technologies

Ground-Breaking Biomedicine The opening of the Fraunhofer-McMaster Project Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing (BEAM) in March 2018 is a game-changer for biomedical research and...
Ryerson University Sheridan College Brampton Perspective

Sheridan College Partners with Brampton’s Ryerson University

The Province of Ontario recently announced a significant education infrastructure project that will transform Brampton: the establishment of a new Ryerson University campus, with...
sheridan college brampton davis campus

Sheridan College drives Brampton’s Innovation Hub

Sheridan has built a unique relationship with Brampton over the past fifty-one years. Since its founding in 1967, the Davis Campus has grown in...