Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing Soaring in Mississauga

Mississauga aerospace and advanced manufacturing economic development
Mississauga is the #1 Aerospace cluster in Canada.
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Mississauga has a long and storied tradition of aerospace manufacturing.

From the Lancaster built by Victory Aircraft to the Avro Arrow, Canada’s first supersonic aircraft, the city has demonstrated its leading edge capabilities in manufacturing aircrafts. In 2019, it is no different as Mississauga continues to develop world class products for blue chip clients from around the world.

Mississauga has a strong and diversified aerospace cluster. The city is home to over 40 direct aerospace manufacturers and another 140 companies that provide services to aerospace manufacturing.

The growth rate of aerospace manufacturing in Mississauga has outpaced all other jurisdictions in Canada in the last five years.The entire aerospace community includes over 345 aerospace companies with more than 28,000 employees. Six Fortune 500 Aerospace companies have a Canadian or Regional Head Office in Mississauga.

fDi Magazine recently ranked Mississauga number two globally for Innovation and Attractiveness in its Aerospace Cities of the Future ranking.The city also ranked number two in the world for its aerospace strategy.The City of Mississauga’s Advanced Manufacturing Business Integrator, working out of their Economic Development Office, works directly with aerospace companies on workforce development, productivity, technology adoption, business- to-business connections, supply chains, and export market development.

Mississauga companies touch all parts of an airplane. Every major aerospace OEM has work done by companies located in Mississauga.

Mississauga’s components manufacturers include world- class companies such as Cyclone Manufacturing and Pirlitor. Pratt & Whitney Canada exemplifies the standard of excellence demonstrated by Mississauga companies in engine design, manufacturing, and testing.

Magellan also has tremendous engine competence applied to both commercial and defense markets. MHI Canada Aerospace demonstrates innovative assembly proficiencies at its facilities near Pearson International Airport, also located in Mississauga.

Mississauga demonstrates top- class competencies in aerospace engineering and avionics. Aversan and Honeywell are two companies that perform product development, system integration, test automation, and independent verification and validation.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul is another aerospace sub-sector at which Mississauga excels. Companies including Field Aviation
provide modification and parts manufacturing to a number of aircraft programs. Utex Scientific Instruments provides leading non-destructive evaluation methodologies to a number of blue-chip aerospace clients.

Several Mississauga manufacturers have adopted Industry 4.0 technologies including digital twinning, automation, and robotics in the development of components and systems for the aerospace industry. Companies such as Pratt & Whitney and MHICA have developed highly regarded in-house training programs for their employees.

A significant percentage of products and systems manufactured by Mississauga companies for the aerospace sector are destined for the export market.As global aerospace clients continue to discover the high-quality and innovative products being developed by Mississauga manufacturers, the demand for products made in the city will increase the volume of aircraft parts, systems, and assemblies shipped around the world.

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