Kawartha Lakes’ Powerful Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace Sector

Belair Mechatronics Kawartha Lakes advanced manufacturing
Belair Mechatronics located in Omemee Ontario is on the leading edge of manufacturing innovations
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Kawartha Lakes has always been famous for its stunning landscape and small-town feel. A favourite destination for tourists, cottage- goers and Torontonians alike, this area is home to a creative energy and reinvigorating connection to nature which makes it an incredibly desirable place to visit, live or work in.

Kawartha Lakes has more than 250 lakes. The vast majority of local manufacturers can travel to a lake, have lunch and get back to work within 30 minutes. There’s a tangible creative energy and sense of renewal in the air, especially in towns like Lindsay, Coboconk, Norland, Omemee, Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon.

The vibrant art and culture scene further adds to the appeal of Kawartha Lakes. Suburban tract housing and strip malls may not fit the lens of creativity but, the abundance of lakes, forests and small-town charm certainly does!

What may come as a surprise to some is the area’s booming advanced manufacturing and aerospace sector. This sector has seen countless success stories in recent years, such as Kawartha Dairy, Mariposa Dairy, TS Manufacturing and Horizon Aircraft.

With over 160 manufacturing companies and a total of over $250,000,000 in annual sales, Kawartha Lakes has added these sectors to its already extensive list of attractions.

As part of the feature for the area, we’ve chosen two companies at the top of their game, one new, one established, to highlight some of the incredible opportunities the municipality has to offer.

Belair Mechatronics: On the leading edge of manufacturing innovations

Belair Mechatronics is a small manufacturing enterprise located in Omemee. The company chose their location because of the short distance between Lindsay and Peterborough, with a close proximity to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).Their focus is on the design and manufacturing of hydraulic manifolds (and other fluid power components) as well as robotic auxiliary equipment.

The company is developing a plan to commercialize manufacturing innovations in the form of software and specialized robotics accessories. At the forefront of industry 4.0—“smart-factories”—their products are manufactured on 5-Axis machinery with the latest cutting tool technologies. Belair’s advanced equipment is interconnected to enable true data driven monitoring and process optimization.

They strive to be both competitive and socio- environmentally conscious, where environmental sustainability trumps profitability. To ensure accountability, Belair Mechatronics adheres to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework (social, environmental and financial). Their mission is to raise the bar of innovative hydraulics from the simplest 2-port header junction return manifold block to fully profiled 5-axis pump, motor covers and cylinder components, eco- manufacturing technologies and socially responsible business practices to reduce the overall negative impacts of the hydraulics and general manufacturing industry.

Belair Mechatronics has been successful in creating high value jobs for the local community and attracting skilled, diverse STEM employees to relocate. The company aims to improve business sustainability for the local economy by creating high value jobs in advanced manufacturing, software development, R&D and engineering for their community, while boosting global competitiveness and exports.

Cameron Stell Kawartha Lakes
Cameron Steel produces custom steel products following clients’ deadlines at competitive prices.

Cameron Steel: 40 years of quality earns an impeccable reputation

Cameron Steel Inc. began their operations in Lindsay, Ontario, in 1975 and has continued to build a strong reputation by providing customers with quality workmanship in the production of custom steel products to their specific requirements, while responding quickly to clients’ lead times at competitive prices.

Cameron Steel prides itself on offering extensive industrial machining, fabrication and rubber lining services. They cater to larger and heavy parts in the mining, industrial and nuclear sectors, with extensive experience and know-how. Their 75,000 square foot facility includes plate burning, 750-tonne brake and shear, large CNC mills and vertical lathes, an 84” × 35’ lathe as well as 20 × 30 paint and blast booths.

Cameron Steel also makes large building maintenance cranes for the top of skyscrapers or high rises. They have a CNC coordinate measuring machine for part verification after manufacturing, to ensure the consistency of high quality in the parts leaving their facility. They also offer a rubber lining process, which was added to improve on customer lead times by removing the need for outsourcing.

For over 40 years, Cameron Steel has provided customers with knowledgeable and trustworthy service and continues to look forward in assisting clients for all their machining and fabricating needs.

A land of endless opportunities

Whether you are a business looking for the perfect location and a strong network of other companies in your sector, or a potential customer searching for unparalleled opportunities and competitive prices, Kawartha Lakes boasts endless opportunities in the advanced manufacturing and aerospace sectors. Discover more online or take a trip to one of the top tourist destinations in Ontario. This is Kawartha Lakes time. Jump in to the Kawartha Lakes lifestyle!


  • Well Positioned

Only a 90-minute commute northeast of downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport, Kawartha Lakes is perfectly placed for companies who want to capitalize on lakefront living and benefit from the vast network of resources offered by the GTA. With the completion of the highway 407 extension in 2020, accessing these opportunities will be even easier.

  • Skilled Workforce

With Fleming College, Durham College, Trent University and Ontario Tech University close by, companies looking to employ highly-skilled workers will find no shortage of graduates seeking a place to apply their talents.

  • Happiness & Livability

Not only does Kawartha Lakes host a strong network of companies, but it also offers a community and lifestyle setting that promises a quality of life and happiness for employees and business owners. With a unique big city size in combination with small town charm, the municipality of Kawartha Lakes offers the best of both worlds, with numerous charming towns nearby and all the cultural offerings of a metropolitan area.

For more information about the Advanced Manufacturing and aerospace sector in Kawartha Lakes, please visit www.kawarthalakes.ca