Barrie: The Ultimate Destination for Business Innovation

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A Hub for Innovation and Growth

Barrie, Ontario continues to be at the top of the list for entrepreneurs, investors, and operators seeking to position their businesses at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly growing community. The vibrant city stands as a cornerstone of opportunity for businesses looking to expand or relocate, inviting them to invest in a community that they have the opportunity to influence.

As a testament to the power of innovation and forward-thinking in driving economic prosperity, Barrie offers a rich tapestry of talent and creativity. The city fosters a culture where businesses thrive on the ingenuity of its diverse workforce which is regularly delivering cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking solutions. Companies in Barrie are leaders of industry trends and advancements, and are shaping the future of business on a global scale.

“As Barrie grows, so too does its supportive entrepreneurial business network,” says Stephannie Schlichter, Director of Invest Barrie at the City of Barrie. “Few companies get the opportunity to influence and be part of the fabric of a community as it grows. In Barrie, you can invest in a community that you have the opportunity to shape.”

Strategically positioned 100 kilometres north of Toronto, Canada’s largest economic hub, Barrie offers businesses unparalleled access to key markets and opportunities. This prime location serves as a gateway to success, facilitating seamless connections with suppliers, customers, and partners.

Strategic transportation connectivity further enhances Barrie’s appeal with easy access to the Greater Toronto Area and North American markets via the 400 series of highways and proximity to major airports and rail terminals. This logistical advantage ensures efficient transportation of goods and facilitates supply chain management for businesses operating in Barrie.

Barrie’s reputation as a hub of automation attracts businesses to the front lines of technological innovation, driving efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness across the sector. This local strength in automation not only propels business growth but also solidifies Barrie’s position as a leader in the sector.

Moreover, the city offers a business-friendly ecosystem characterized by competitive tax rates and a highly skilled workforce. This supportive environment energizes Barrie companies like Linear Transfer Automation, a global supplier of press transfer automation, blank feed systems, and press-to-press automation, with multiple locations across North America.

“We benefit from our proximity to Georgian College in Barrie,” says Rama Jayaweera, President and GM of Linear Transfer Automation. “Being able to tap into the emerging workforce with a skilled focus on manufacturing has helped the growth of our company.”

Growth is also found within the city’s workforce. Barrie’s strong partnerships with esteemed educational institutions such as Georgian College and Lakehead University ensure a steady supply of skilled graduates ready to meet the evolving needs of businesses. These collaborations champion research and innovation initiatives, positioning Barrie as a hub of talent and knowledge in the ever-changing economic landscape.

Characterized by dynamic growth and expansion, Barrie’s projected population will double by 2051 to nearly 300,000. This rapid growth presents fertile ground for businesses to continue to flourish, allowing them to tap into global markets and skilled talent.

Barrie investment opportunities

Strategic collaboration between local companies and industry leaders is another of the driving forces behind innovation in Barrie, contributing to employment opportunities and helping advance local enterprises to the global stage. By collaborating with 3M, Barrie’s Innovative Automation has become a leader in Canada with the success of RoboTape, a robotic system for precise adhesive application that replaces manual and repetitive processes, reducing labour requirements.

“Operating out of Barrie gives us access to an educated, energetic workforce,” says Steve Loftus, Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Automation. “These young innovators are eager to help grow dynamic companies in a city that also offers a lifestyle they enjoy.”

The city’s growth and economic vitality is perhaps best demonstrated by its expanding construction and development environment. In 2023 alone, Barrie issued over 1,900 building permits valued at $650 million. This boom in construction presents abundant opportunities for businesses in the construction, real estate and related sectors to thrive and expand their operations while serving the key sectors already thriving in the city.

Barrie, Ontario, Canada offers a unique blend of innovation, growth opportunities, and supportive infrastructure, making it an ideal destination for businesses looking to thrive in Canada’s competitive market landscape.

Barrie offers an exceptional environment with opportunities for business growth and success. Don’t miss out on the chance to position your business at the forefront of innovation in one of Canada’s most dynamic cities. Visit to embark on your journey towards prosperity.

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