Brampton’s Innovation District: A Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Earning an International Reputation

brampton innovation district thrives
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In the Centre of Canada’s Innovation Corridor Brampton is the fastest growing big city and is recognized globally for its connectivity, diverse community, exceptional talent, vibrant city lifestyle, and dedication to innovation.

Each year, many start-ups and entrepreneurs plant roots in Brampton and remain laser-focused on commercializing their technology. They benefit from a robust innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem that offers space, resources, and opportunities to network and pitch.

While it is not a secret that Brampton is ideal for tech companies to start up or scale up, its international reputation will undoubtedly be enhanced following the Collision 2022 Conference from June 20-23, 2022 in Toronto. It is set to welcome over 33,000 participants from around the world and will bring together entrepreneurs, speakers, journalists, and partners interested in cutting-edge technologies.

Incubators and Accelerators in Brampton’s Innovation Ecosystem

Due to Brampton’s numerous incubators and accelerators dedicated to supporting early-stage technology start-ups, there is no shortage of productive and collaborative spaces available for teams at every stage of their journey. In addition, entrepreneurs gain access to mentors and opportunities that help them commercialize their products or services sooner.

Within Brampton’s Innovation District, the Altitude Accelerator, Catalyst Cyber Accelerator, and Ryerson Venture Zone are just a few of the partners who provide services and support to tech-based companies with growth mindsets. They are impressed by the talent in Brampton and surrounding areas and note the prosperity that investments in innovation bring.

“It has been amazing to see the energy created by the Brampton Innovation District to attract entrepreneurs, founders, and tech evangelists,” says Pam Banks, Executive Director of the Altitude Accelerator. “The mash-up of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and experienced business leaders has launched companies that will change how we live and work. Altitude Accelerator is honoured to be part of Team Brampton to help companies grow faster and contribute to community prosperity.”

A graduate of the Altitude Accelerator’s Incubator 16 program, Mobii Systems Global, a South African company that specializes in scalable live video delivery solutions at ultra-low latency speeds has made Brampton it’s home to expand into the Canadian market.

Creating a Space for Cybersecurity-Focused Firms

Brampton’s innovation ecosystem also boasts Canada’s first commercial accelerator for Canadian cybersecurity companies ready to become national and international competitors in their industry.

“The Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is proud and excited to be part of the Brampton Innovation District,” says Charles Finlay, Executive Director of Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst. “It’s a close-knit community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating new technologies, products, and services with global impact.”

Participants benefit from technical and strategic advice, mentorship, and business resources at no cost. The program is free, and companies do not need to give up any equity to participate.

“We’re here because Brampton’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit are secondto-none,” says Finlay. “The Brampton Innovation District is the ideal platform for the Catalyst’s growth and success, not just in Canada but worldwide.”

Collision 2022: The Olympics of Tech

With all that Brampton has to offer, it was a natural decision to showcase the Innovation District at the upcoming Collision 2022 Conference in Toronto. Often referred to as the “Olympics of Tech” the conference will bring in over 33,000 attendees from over 140 countries and will feature over 400 speakers from June 20-23, 2022.

“Brampton checks all the boxes for young and diverse talent to thrive, and I am pleased that we can showcase the region’s perks to tens of thousands of people,” says Sunil Sharma, Managing Director of Techstars Toronto and Co-host of Collision 2022.

Brampton Innovation District Thrives

New and established tech entrepreneurs interested in attending Collision 2022 can find more information at Also, stop by the City of Brampton booth to learn about living, working, and investing in Brampton.