Brampton opens $500 million Peel Memorial Health Centre

Peel Memorial Centre
he new $500 million world-class Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness (PMC), located in downtown Brampton, has officially opened its doors.
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The new $500 million world-class Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness (PMC), located in downtown Brampton, has officially opened its doors.The 350,000 square foot facility brings together many different health care providers in one convenient location to provide specialized health care services – both traditional and alternative. It’s a modern, well-equipped facility, offering an innovative approach to the services the community needs, including high-tech diagnostics and day surgery facilities, an urgent care centre, senior’s rehab and wellness services, women’s, children’s and adolescent care as well as mental health programs.

Brampton’s ambition is to build a significant Health and Life Sciences cluster around
the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness. The area has seen more doctors’ offices, rehab centres, and wellness clinics begin to group together, including the most recent approval of the Brampton Atlas Healthcare Medical Centre, a seven storey medical care building. Phase II expansion of Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health was just recently announcement and will include an expansion of the current facility to a new multi- story in-patient care tower with over 100 new beds specializing in continuing complex care and patient rehabilitation.

The City of Brampton released results of a study for creating a Health and Life Sciences cluster around this world-class facility, establishing Brampton as a leader in Health and Life Sciences.The strategy recommends building a cluster focused on preventive care.
This niche within the health sector complements the service focus at Peel Memorial, takes advantage of growing tends, and will differentiate Brampton from health sectors across the GTA. This type of cluster will attract businesses involved with big data, health apps, population- based research and personalized medicine.

The area surrounding the Peel Memorial Centre is envisioned as a pedestrian friendly campus with a focus on health care, education, open spaces, and complementary commercial and residential development.The mandate of the Peel Memorial Centre, together with other drivers, will significantly impact the character and development of the surrounding area and community. Long-term outcomes of this development will include a better quality of life in Brampton based on more and higher paying jobs, along with smart growth within the Downtown core.

A Foundation for Growth- Brampton Value Proposition surrounding the Peel Memorial Centre

  1. Over 800 health sector businesses already established in Brampton, from doctor’s offices to global players in medical research and devices like Medtronic.
  2. Leading health care facilities already in place: William Osler Health System (Peel Memorial, Brampton Civic) and ErinoakKids. $1 billion investment by the Province of Ontario.
  3. The PMC, located in downtown Brampton in the middle of the Waterloo-Toronto Innovation Super Corridor.
  4. Established partnerships with post- secondary institutions active in Health and Life Sciences.
  5. Available supply of desirable vacant development land
  6. Effective Health System Network with progressive hospitals willing to adopt new models
  7. Diverse population makes it a microcosm of the world and attractive to health research businesses
  8. Centrally located with strong and growing transportation system


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