Brampton’s Innovative 2040 Vision

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Following months of intensive community engagement, there is a bold new vision in place for the future of Brampton, redefining what 905 communities are all about.

Brampton’s 2040 Vision has been referred to as “the people’s vision”. It draws together the thinking and words of thousands of Brampton citizens from all walks of life over many months.

The Vision initiative began in mid-2017, when the City partnered with internationally acclaimed urban planner Larry Beasley to develop a comprehensive document guiding Brampton’s future as a connected, inclusive and innovative city. What followed was weeks of intensive conversation with people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences, from all across Brampton – the most robust public engagement the City has ever undertaken.

Brampton 2040 Vision is an aspirational guide to what Brampton will become over the next quarter century. It is rooted in public engagement and innovative community design to create a place where people will live, work and play in harmony with nature. Central to the Vision are seven ambitious vision statements dealing with the environment, transportation, jobs, recreation, health, social issues, and arts and culture.

Vision 1: Sustainability and the Environment

Brampton will be a mosaic of sustainable urban places, sitting within an interconnected green park network, with its people as environmental stewards – targeting ‘one-planet’ living. Create the Brampton Eco-Park, a designated municipal park and nature reserve, plant one million trees.

Vision 2: Jobs and Living Centres

Brampton will be a mosaic of vibrant centres with quality jobs, a rich range of activities, and integrated living. Create a new urban core known as Uptown, realize the full potential of the historic Downtown, create five new town centres, develop ancillary centres for workers, create an Institute for Brampton Enterprise to establish a preferred regional hub for business and jobs.

Vision 3: Neighbourhoods

Brampton will be a mosaic of characterful and complete neighbourhoods. Update and revitalize existing neighbourhoods, collaboratively create new greenfield neighbourhoods, revitalize Bramalea, establish a central Queen’s Boulevard.

Vision 4: Transportation and Connectivity

Brampton will be a mosaic of safe, integrated transportation choices and new modes, contributing to civic sustainability, and emphasizing walking, cycling, and transit. Design and retrofit complete streets, add a new transit loop that ties Downtown and Uptown together, offer free transit or subsidy, target ‘Vision Zero’ for traffic fatalities, manage new travel technologies and advanced goods movement.

Vision 5: Social Matters and Housing

Brampton will be a rich mosaic of cultures and lifestyles, coexisting with social responsibility, respect, enjoyment, and justice. Develop local social development and educational policies and affordable housing initiatives, create social hubs to provide neighbourhood social support, embrace cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

Vision 6: Health

Brampton will be a mosaic of healthy citizens enjoying physical and mental wellness, fitness, and sports. Create a partnership framework around health services, promotion and prevention, leverage existing sports excellence.

Vision 7: Arts and Culture

Brampton will support a mosaic of artistic expression and production. Create a non-profit Arts Alliance, identify Brampton as a ‘creative maker’ hotspot by creating an Arts Street and develop the city as a creative destination.

“It’s a vision that we can all be proud of… after all, (it’s) a creation of the dreams and aspirations of our residents and all our stakeholders. It’s how we see Brampton evolving and emerging as a leading city in the GTA. – Chris Bejnar, Citizens for a Better Brampton

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