Custom Lithium ion Battery Solutions

lithium ion battery solutions
Prototypes efficiently developed in KPM's new lab which is now expanding operations.
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There’s a better way to power your light electric vehicles, industrial robots and industrial portable power.

KPM Power offers Lithium ion Battery solutions, specializing in Battery Management Systems. Their mission is to support the advancement of alternative energy products and getting them to market.

For every lithium ion battery application, there is a need for a BMS for monitoring and safety. KPM Power’s BMS is customizable with any chemistry for applications up to 1000A/800V, and UL certified for functional safety.

There has been much focus and resources allocated to the EV market, where many publications forecast a significant boom within the next 2 decades. Somewhat overlooked, are a host of other industrial applications including machinery, back up power systems, and light electric vehicles that are also attempting to make the transition, but struggle to find the resources and partnerships necessary to complete projects.

Lithium ion battery solutions

It is this underserved market where KPM Power hopes to support and be the catalyst to launch environmentally innovative products.

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