Delivering on the Promise of the Girls’ School Advantage

delivering promise girls school advantage
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Holy Name of Mary College School (HNMCS) in Mississauga.

Preparing girls for lives of courageous commitment, winning confidence, contribution to their communities, and a sense of fulfillment, is the goal we continuously strive to accomplish at Holy Name of Mary College School (HNMCS) in Mississauga. Why? Because we strongly believe that girls’ expectations matter, and we practice a whole-girl perspective to education. Immersed in an environment where learning and success are not just valued but encouraged at every step, in every way, girls become empowered young adults ready to take on the toughest challenges and bring positive change to their local and global communities.

Many parents ponder over whether they should send their daughters to an all-girls school. Is there truly a “girls’ school advantage”? Research shows that graduates from all-girls schools achieve greater academic success, possess more self-confidence, and build stronger leadership skills. A report from the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) captures the findings of an important study that identifies several areas in which all-girls education appears to better prepare female students for success. Holy Name of Mary College School, a member of the NCGS, is a progressive, vibrant community offering rich, diverse educational opportunities for girls, and a mix of co- curricular and sports activities to ignite their interests and broaden their horizons. Our message to young girls is this, “If you want to be part of a school that educates, inspires, empowers and shapes you today into tomorrow’s confident leaders of character, join us at HNMCS.” We regularly host information sessions to provide aspiring students and their families, all the information they need to understand the girls’ school advantage and then, take advantage of it!

delivering promise girls school advantage

Curious, Courageous, Compassionate — and Aiming for the Stars

Carrie Hughes-Grant, Head of School at HNMCS says, “Our approach to whole-girl education is built on four pillars: compassion, justice, respect and transformation. In our school community, each girl finds her confidence, joy, and personal and spiritual growth. It is not only a serious responsibility but indeed, our privilege to celebrate the uniqueness of each girl through innovative, student-centred university preparatory programming. Alumnae from our school have the knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully collaborate, problem solve, and find creative solutions. We foster a community that encourages curiosity and exploration, courageous and intellectual risk-taking, and asks girls to be compassionately reflective in their efforts to explore who they are authentically as leaders. In our learning community, these young students will find themselves at the centre of everything we do and feel inspired to aim for the stars. Our school is only the beginning; from here, our girls go on to inspire the world.”

An example of the success of the programme is recent alumna Mallory Bond, who received the prestigious Schulich Leader national award. 20 top Canadian universities select 100 students each year as Schulich Leaders, who receive up to $100,000 to pursue an undergraduate degree in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related programme. They also join an elite network and receive ongoing benefits. Committed to the ideals of her alma mater, Mallory says, “…community-service is about what kind of world you want to live in. I am honoured to have served with others at HNMCS and to join the Schulich Leadership network. I do not know what the long-term impact of our collective efforts will be. But even if only a couple of people carry a positive impact forward, we will all feel it.”

Holy Name of Mary College School welcomes applications from girls eager to be a part of our collaborative, innovative, student-centred learning environment.

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