IDEA Mississauga Elevates Mississauga’s Tech Ecosystem at Collision Conference

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Last week, IDEA Mississauga had the privilege of attending the esteemed Collision Conference, North America’s fastest-growing tech conference. This gathering brought together industry leaders, innovative tech start-ups, and Mississauga companies on a global scale, highlighting the city’s thriving tech ecosystem. Representing Mississauga at the conference were Mayor Bonnie Crombie and the IDEA Mississauga team.

At the conference, IDEA Mississauga proudly showcased its innovation hub located in the heart of Square One Shopping Centre. Spanning an impressive 4,300 square feet, this dynamic space serves as a thriving ecosystem for startups, scale-ups, corporate leaders, and investors to collaborate and flourish. The innovation hub provides a vibrant co-working environment, bringing together a network of invaluable resources and support to assist entrepreneurs in growing, scaling, and commercializing their ideas and businesses.

For those interested in joining IDEA Mississauga, please visit their website, where you can explore an array of benefits and opportunities offered by the innovation hub, providing the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.

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Exciting news was also unveiled at the conference as IDEA Mississauga announced the launch of the next phase of the IDEA Step-Up program. This comprehensive six-month program aims to empower innovative and inclusive companies, helping them overcome barriers and achieve substantial growth. Entrepreneurs eager to take their businesses to the next level of commercialization and growth were encouraged to register for the IDEA Step-Up information session, which took place on July 13 from 1 pm to 2 pm. Additional details are available on the IDEA Mississauga website.

The City of Mississauga is proud to be a part of the Greater Toronto Area which hosted the Collision Conference. Mississauga’s vibrant and diverse business ecosystem, strategic location, skilled talent pool, and commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, the City offers the perfect location for tech firms to start-up, relocate or expand.

Mississauga is proud of the contributions made to the tech community. Through initiatives like the IDEA Mississauga innovation hub and the IDEA Step-Up program, they continue to nurture and support the growth of innovative businesses in the city. Looking forward, the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Department is excited about the next chapter of this tech journey and the remarkable accomplishments that lie ahead.

With its thriving business ecosystem, collaborative workspace, access to resources, mentorship opportunities, skilled workforce, strategic location, and government support, Mississauga provides an ideal environment for startups and entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses. For more information please visit: