Donna Gillespie: Invest In The Future-Invest in Kingston

donna gillespie kingston economic development CEO
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Message from Donna Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer Kingston Economic Development Corporation

There are many approaches to Kingston which deliver the city’s historical past and dynamic future with gorgeous panoramic views.

Our connectivity for speed and convenience is offered by rail, air, Highway 401, nearby Picton Terminals and new, state of the art electric ferries alongside significant investment in our fibre and broadband infrastructure.

But when newcomers want a crash course on the history, geography and economics of Kingston, we suggest they walk or bike along the waterfront paths and through our beautiful heritage downtown. It offers a fine perspective of everything Kingston has to offer.

Most newcomers notice the domed roof of our city hall first before their eyes track west to the Queen’s University campus and the Kingston Health Sciences Centre. Usually, they’re struck by the beauty of the city right away and often muse about how lovely it would be to live here. Our future focus is on health innovation and sustainable manufacturing sectors and our existing business base and talented workforce is the catalyst.

And that’s when we start talking about what drives our city today. Sometimes we describe the research that is going on at Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College, and the City’s new $3 million health innovation initiative or our numerous centres of innovation and enterprise that turn ideas into industries. We share success stories of our diverse small and medium enterprises and our growing foreign direct investments.

We tell them about the young graduates that stay in Kingston to launch start-ups or take jobs with mature companies that have already put roots down here. We talk about the fully serviced employment land that is available and the additional acres we are fast tracking to accommodate new investment opportunities. And, of course, we show them the available facilities and co-working spaces that are move-in ready.

“This is a city with deep roots and an appreciation of new ideas,” we tell our guests. “We are building for the future.”

This issue of Perspective offers a sampling of the companies that have already made Kingston home. Given the social and economic impact they’re having on the world, we think of them as our next-door global, game-changing neighbours. If you’re interested in investing in Kingston, we want to talk to you!