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SJK School waterloo region
SJK - Established in 1972 is a community of teachers and students focused on Academics, Arts, Culture in a technology-rich environment all situated on a 36-acre natural campus.
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At SJK, we embrace a global Our school community is comprised perspective that exposes of inspired, outward- and forward- students to the opportunities looking teachers whose academic and challenges of a connected planet. Our students learn through inquiry- based instruction where they have the opportunity to try new things, discover their passions and learn to value different points of view.We create an environment that encourages risk-taking because we are confident enough to trust in the learning that follows thoughtful failure. Importantly, our students know it is safe to try here.

Regardless of time, culture, technology or trends, one thing in education remains constant – relationships are at the heart of student success.The best stories of student success involve a caring adult such as a coach, mentor, advisor, or teacher.

We believe in the power of developmental relationships and that students learn best when engaged in purposeful, healthy relationships between teachers and young people. We strive to create a community of teachers whose thinking, interactions and relationships with students, parents and each other are authentic, caring and professional.

Our school community is comprised of inspired, outward and forward looking teachers whose academic and professional experiences are augmented by in-depth experiential learning in real time.

Supported by a culture of faculty learning in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in teaching, teachers at SJK have the freedom to pursue innovative approaches to learning and collaborating, in technology-rich environments, which equip students with a new kind of thinking for a new kind of world.

St. John’s –Kilmarnock School (SJK) is the leading co-educational independent school in the Waterloo Region. Established in 1972, the School is located on a beautiful 36-acre natural campus. It offers enriched educational programming for students from JK–Grade 12 through its accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

At SJK students find their excellence within, love to learn, and graduate as confident, well-rounded individuals, fully prepared for post-secondary education and life beyond.

Innovation lives here.

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