Guelph Firm Connects Health and Safety with Construction Workers

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Site Safety Solutions is transforming the way construction businesses manage their health and safety and keep workers safe

Site Safety Solutions’ REBAR is an easy to use software solution for safety compliance allowing companies to reduce risk, realize new efficiencies and meet compliance with digital job site checklists. REBAR customers are able to replace hours of paperwork, save time and money and quickly communicate and document job site hazards,

by using their mobile phone to record incidents, capture project information with pictures, and communicate through automated instant notifications.

Site Safety Solutions founder Annamaria Bartolomucci has deep roots in the construction industry with over 30 years as an employee, a construction business owner, and now, tech entrepreneur. She was inspired to build Rebar and make a positive change in her industry after losing her father to a construction workplace- related illness.

This article is part of an ongoing series shining a spotlight on exciting companies associated with Innovation Guelph.

Innovation Guelph, located in Guelph Ontario Canada, is a stimulating business hub to help companies, entrepreneurs and youth explore and solve business challenges.

It is designed for high-potential startups and small to medium-sized enterprises from across southern Ontario. Innovation Guelph provides mentorship and business support programs and services to help enterprises such as Site Safety Solutions

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