Guelph Hydro and U of G Energy Conservation Plan

University of Guelph
The University of Guelph and Guelph Hydro strive to reach energy conservation targets. The most important winner with this partnership is the environment. By using less energy the University is preserving natural resources and cutting down on pollution.
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The relationship between Guelph Hydro Electricity Systems Inc. and the University of Guelph is an extremely important one as both entities are striving to achieve energy conservation targets. Through a commitment of sustainability that’s enshrined in its Strategic Plan, as well as the Campus Master Plan, the University has invested one million dollars year – over – year in energy efficient upgrades. Working together as a community and communicating directly with Guelph Hydro makes a big difference in enacting change and promoting large-scale energy conservation.

“A few years ago, our students decided they really wanted to put the University on the map in terms of sustainability and they were willing to put their money where their mouth is. In addition to doing retrofit projects that were largely behind the scenes, they wanted the University to invest in projects that were more visible.They voted in a $10 per semester surcharge which the University matches, and those funds are earmarked for sustainable projects, “ said Dan MacLachlan, Director of Design, Engineering and Construction, University of Guelph. “What started as smaller retrofit work has now mushroomed into these amazing campus-wide energy efficiency projects.”

The marquis piece of the University’s plan dubbed the Green Gryphon is the $15 million thermal energy storage tank. It symbolizes in a larger-than- life way, the University’s commitment to energy efficiency. Additional parts of this project include; $3 million in lighting retrofits, sub-meters in all of its building covering in excess of six-million square feet, HVAC modifications and optimization of the building automation system resulting in additional energy savings of 8.7 MWh per year.

Guelph Hydro continues to work with the University on a regular basis to further identify the potential energy efficiencies in the original audit of 123 campus buildings, and deliver Save on Energy incentives for reinvesting in future energy savings projects.

Guelph Hydro administers the Save on Energy program by offering financial support and technical expertise to businesses across Guelph and Rockwood in helping them reach their energy-saving goals. Guelph Hydro educates businesses and institutions on the benefits of using energy wisely. Save on Energy is offered by the Independent Electricity Operator (IESO).

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