Hamilton: Ambition is in Our blood

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In today’s digital world, the battle for Nearly three years ago, the Economic audience attention is constant and Development Office released Hamilton challenges marketers to think very – The Ambitious City. A concept that differently than just a mere five years ago. This fact has not been lost on the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office. In November, the office released a new investment video that is unlike any other – Ambition Is In Our Blood.

“The strategy is to use engaging and unique videos as a tool for attracting investment interest,” says Michael Marini, Marketing Coordinator for Hamilton’s Economic Development Office.“Taxes, land availability, a skilled workforce, and development costs are bottom line items that drive investment decisions.What we wanted to do with this video is show the quality of place that is Hamilton, rather than hard economic data – what employers/employees and their families can do after 5pm and on weekends, and how can they engage with their community.”

Nearly three years ago, the Economic Development Office released Hamilton – The Ambitious City.A concept that sought to resurrect a former moniker of the economic glory days in Hamilton. In the late 1800s and early/mid 1900s Hamilton was known as the ‘Ambitious City’, but that fell by the wayside in the 1970s and ‘80s as the economy, particularly in manufacturing, took a downturn.

The Ambitious City video was about reclaiming that moniker, proclaiming that Hamilton as the ‘Ambitious City’ was back, and that Hamilton is on an economic upswing.

This latest video,Ambition is in Our Blood, was partly inspired by the work of Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Workforce Development, and its focus on promoting ‘quality of place’ to potential employers and employees (just one of several key goals for the task force).

The new video then celebrates the concept of quality of place in an all-encompassing way – drawing on Hamilton’s diversified economy, its strong and collaborative business community, its thriving arts scene, and its citizens who give back time and again.

As for what’s next,“There will be more videos on the horizon,” says Marini.“We’ve been producing investor and sector specific videos, but the feature ‘ambition’ pieces are more to “whet the appetite” of investors by creating an emotional connection, and to encourage investors to ask more questions.”

To view the video visit youtube.com/hamiltonecdev or www.investinhamilton.ca.