Innovative Companies Succeeding in Kingston

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  1. DocuPet is a technology and service-based solution for municipalities aiming to enhance their animal licensing programs and increase licensing compliance. Their zero-cost / budget-neutral solution allows them to provide pet licensing services at zero risk to municipalities DocuPet provides robust online services and has designed its program to meet the needs of municipalities, pet owners and businesses. To learn more about DocuPet please visit:
  2. Cancoil is one of North America’s fastest growing manufacturers of industrial & commercial refrigeration & air conditioning systems and plate fin coils. Their products are used in a wide range of applications including food processing, refrigerated warehouses, supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants,  health clubs, computer rooms, mass transit and telephone exchanges.They pride themselves in their ability to design and manufacture unique products specific to customers’ needs. Never heard of Cancoil? Chances are they are keeping you comfortable throughout your daily commutes and while at work or enjoying quality time with family and friends. Cancoil is celebrating 35 years of business and is proudly Canadian owned & operated! Through a strong emphasis on innovation, quality and customer service the company continues to experience rapid growth. Cancoil currently occupies two facilities  and has recently added a third bringing its total manufacturing floor space to 400,000 square feet. With the expansion, Cancoil will be substantially growing their talented team in Kingston, Ontario. To learn more about Cancoil please visit:
  3. BKIN Technologies is transforming the assessment of brain injuries by putting cutting-edge robotics technology into the hands of neuroscientists and clinician-scientists around the world.Their KINARM Labs give customers a “window” on brain function allowing them to study, with exquisite precision, the sensory, motor and cognitive impact of a wide range of brain injuries and diseases, including: stroke, cardiac arrest, transient ischemic attack, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease. Their team comprises experts in neuroscience, engineering, physiology, electronics, machining and software development. To learn more about BKIN Technologies please visit:
  4. AudioConexus believes in eliminating barriers and making tours accessible for everyone. They help businesses build engaging tours that inspire, excite and energize audiences. They offer the only complete multilingual, multi-topical hardware, software and creative solution for tour operators worldwide. More than 30 million people around the world listen to AudioConexus tours year-round in over 30 languages, on foot, in buses, boats, trolleys, trains and trams. They are the first to deliver multi-language tours on submarines and airplanes. To learn more about AudioConexus please visit:
  5. Stantive Technologies Group is a Salesforce Platinum Innovation Partner revolutionizing the content management industry. Stantive’s OrchestraCMS is the only content and digital experience platform (DXP) built on the world’s leading customer success platform — Salesforce. OrchestraCMS helps Salesforce customers create compelling digital experiences for their customers, partners, and employees; uniquely combining content with business data, processes, and applications across any digital channel or device. OrchestraCMS also has a rich set of APIs to enable development of custom solutions and third-party integrations. For more information about Stantive’s OrchestraCMS and the industries they serve, please visit:
  6. Performance Plants Inc. (PPI) is a global leader in discovery and development of second generation agricultural biotechnologies. The company’s patented technologies enhance plant productivity resulting in more abundant, consistent and cost-effective harvests for farmers. The company has a robust gene-discovery and technology evaluation pipeline, and has licensed multiple Breakthrough technologies to many leading international seed companies. These technologies have been featured in prominent scientific journals such as Science, Nature and Nature Biotechnology. On October 29, 2014, PPI won the prestigious international Agrow Awards for the Best Industrial Collaboration, while being nominated for having the Best R&D Pipeline. The privately-held Kingston-based company recently moved into a new state-of-the-art R&D facility. To learn more about Performance Plants please visit:
  7. Welcome to the Safe World of TECTA Technology – Finalist for the Ontario Export Awards 2017. TECTA-PDS markets the world’s first, rapid, automated, EPA-approved microbiological water quality monitoring system, which lowers overall monitoring costs and improves both water quality and human health. The company formed in 2003 as a direct result of the Walkerton, Ontario disaster in which 7 people died and several thousand became ill due to contaminated water TECTA-PDS was determined to revolutionize microbiological monitoring methods and prevent similar disasters. TECTA-PDS is proud to be a Canadian company, taking this Ontario developed, leading edge technology to the world. Today, with sales in over 30 countries, TECTA- PDS is succeeding in achieving rapid sales growth and setting the new standard for microbiological monitoring of water quality. To learn more about TECTA-PDS please visit
  8. Since the company’s founding in 1995, Transformix has created dramatic, path-clearing innovations in factory automation. Originating as an engineering consulting firm, Transformix has evolved steadily, broadening its market horizons and taking its ambitions and products to The global forefront of advanced manufacturing. The firm’s current efforts are focused on its patented and trademarked “CNCAssembly®” technology and products, creating highly standardized and flexible assembly machinery configured for incredible speed and accuracy. To learn more about Transformix please visit:
  9. Tri-Art Manufacturing is a family run company that started producing artists’ acrylic paint as an off shoot to their art supply store. Production began on a small scale in 1994 producing one line of professional, acrylic colours. The family of products has grown to include acrylic, oil, ink, airbrush, watercolour tempera and specialty paint lines for the professional to the beginner painters, visual designers and artisans. Starting with three founding members and a single paint line, in a 100 square foot area,Tri-Art has grown to employ over 60 local staff, produce 20 different paint lines and make all the packaging for their products in a production area of over 29,000 square feet. Tri-Art Mfg. now sells products locally, nationally and internationally. To learn more about Tri-Art please visit: