Innovative Projects to Transform Downtown Brampton

Bramptons Queen Street at Main
Brampton's Queen Street at Main
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As part of creating a vibrant urban centre in downtown Brampton, the City of Brampton is working towards creating an aesthetically beautiful streetscape around its historic Four Corners. The project is underway to reimagine streets that will bring together pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in a safe and sustainable manner. The addition of cycle lanes and landscaping between street and sidewalk will capitalize on pedestrian walkability and enhance amenities. Here some of the innovative projects that will reimagine the downtown core:


Ryerson University campus, with Sheridan College as an academic partner as well as a Centre for Innovation is coming to the downtown. The vision is a centre of education, innovation and collaboration.


Brampton’s key arterial link is the focus of long-term revitalization and urbanized intensification, with transit service playing a critical role in future high-order rapid connections with Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.


The Regional Express Rail will facilitate two way all-day electric train service on most GO rail corridors, including the Kitchner line. The frequent, 15 minute service will further open up the Waterloo-Toronto innovation corridor.


A strategically planned growth area where different modes of transportation come together seamlessly, integrating with pedestrian-friendly features.


More than $600 million has been invested in the recently opened Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness. With a focus on preventative care, it is the foundation for the development of a growing health and life science cluster.


Brampton’s downtown is a vibrant destination in the heart of the city. All summer, Garden Square offers daily events for all ages. Landmark cultural destinations are steps from exciting new restaurants and shopping possibilities. Events and festivals in the squares, Gage Park, and on the street, offer year-round activity. Innovation spaces connect inquiring minds with local experience and leading technology.


The City is delivering on the built form components of developing an urban centre. A transformative downtown streetscape project will reimagine the interaction of pedestrians, cyclists, and other transportation modes in our Downtown centre.


Will revitalize Brampton’s Downtown to make it healthy, sustainable and resilient. It starts with engineering an innovative solution to the floor risk, which will create urban growth and development. It will recapture the beauty and ecological function of the river, creating a vibrant new public space and distinct identity for the city.

To learn more about all of the projects underway, visit the Downtown Reimagined Store, located at 15 Queen Street West, or call 905.874.2500 or go to