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In the last election, Burlington voters made it clear they wanted real change which would help develop what is already one of Ontario’s most vibrant cities into a cultural and business hub for not only the province but also Canada as a whole. 

Burlington’s City Council listened closely and is now implementing their FromVision to Focus plan for 2018–2022. Collaboration with residents, businesses, community groups, city employees and members of Burlington City Council for the past year, represents a bold new vision of our city’s future. 

“This work plan lays out what we want to focus on as a City and Council in the next four years to get us to where we want to be by 2040 (our vision). This is a living document that will be recalibrated year over year — we want to get the wheels in motion to make it easy to fulfill the matters that are top of mind among our residents: the tree canopy, green space, and growth and development. I believe there is an appetite for visionary aspirations among staff at the City of Burlington, and I can tell you the community is already there — they are ready for this. I’m proud of this plan and want to thank and congratulate staff on all the great work they have put together in it,” said Mayor Marianne Meed-Ward. 

Burlington has easy access to downtown Toronto using the GO Transit Lakeshore West line which has 3 stops in Burlington – Appleby Station, Burlington Station & the Aldershot Station.

A key pillar of the plan is to attract new businesses to the city, while helping to grow existing organizations. If you are a business owner or are looking to start a new venture and want a rapidly-growing city with incredible opportunities to call home, look no further than Burlington.


Our plan to bring economic prosperity will be achieved with the City Council’s strong commitment to three key initiatives:

1. Supporting and maintaining a diverse economy in small business, commercial, industrial, and office sectors

2. Creating a competitive business investment environment in Burlington (e.g. taxes, incentives)

3. Increasing options for employment opportunities in Burlington

“The commitment from the Burlington Leadership Team and Burlington Council to work towards common objectives in partnership with our community is at the root of this important four-year plan,” said Mary Lou Tanner, Deputy City Manager. 

“The City has clear focus areas and key actions we need to achieve. Our capable staff continue to work hard to move our strategic priorities forward so that our city sees the benefits and residents feel the positive impacts to their quality of life. Staff is committed to letting Council and our community know how this work is progressing and how we have moved the needle for Burlington.” 

By focusing on these aims, we plan to help create a business sector which can continue to flourish for years to come, with government encouragement and a growing community eager to support local businesses.


Based on our three key initiatives, we have developed a comprehensive plan to execute our goals and deliver the results promised to the City and its local business community:

• Implement the recommendations of the RedTape Red Carpet Taskforce to make it easier for businesses to locate and thrive in Burlington, attracting more investment. First priorities will be grading and drainage; Committee of Adjustment; and Zoning business process reviews 

• Work with Burlington Economic Development Corporation to create and implement new strategies

• Assess the use of one or more Community Improvement Plans, including options for incentive programs for business development

• Remove constraints on availability of employment lands

• Develop a plan to activate key parcels of vacant employment lands and facilitate vacant employment lands being shovel ready


We aim to see an annual increase in the overall growth of business by making it easier for companies to locate and expand in our city.This includes attracting over $100M in new industrial/ commercial real estate investments annually to ensure we have ample space to place companies. From a leasing perspective we are aiming to have over 400,000 square feet of space leased across all real estate asset classes. 

Our bold new vision will help transform Burlington into a rapidly growing economic hub and the new home for your business to thrive. 

For more information on the future of Burlington and how you can be a part of it, please connect with the Burlington Economic Corporation (BEDC) click here.