Largest concentration of health sciences assets in Canada

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Connected to the World. The Toronto region is connected to other major cities around the world by two international airports. The region’s culturally diverse talent pool also enables greater global connectivity in the workplace.
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The Toronto Region.  TO Health! (Toronto Region Human Health + Sciences) is an industry-led promotion cooperative focused on raising the profile of the Toronto region’s Human Health & Sciences (HHS) cluster.

Toronto Region Human Health & Sciences (HHS): Convergence of Key Assets.

The Toronto region is home to the largest geographic concentration of health sciences assets in Canada, with strong connections to other global centres of health science expertise – all of which has created a thriving HHS cluster with great potential for growth and investment that would place it among the world’s leading HHS clusters.
TO Health human & Health Sciences life sciences perspective
TO Health actively promotes and attracts to the Toronto Region’s Health Life Sciences Sector
The Core of the HHS cluster are world leading universities, colleges as well as research and community hospitals.  The regions sees over $1.2 Billion dollars in research funding and our research hospitals see over $840 million in research revenues. University
of Toronto is ranked 2nd in the world for publications and citations.
The region is graduating over 9,300 life sciences students annually and has over 9,500 researchers and research staff leading the research and developing in our key areas of expertise.
Toronto great place to move your life sciences business TO Health Perspective
Life Sciences is one of the Toronto Regions largest and fastest growing sectors. Access to great talent and Quality of life is a main reason why companies choose to expand or relocate to the area.
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