Manitoba Leads the way with the Development of Food Processing

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Manitoba assists clients in the development of food processing reaching Canada and the United States marketplace.

With over 250 companies in the value-added food processing industry, it is the largest manufacturing sector in Manitoba, representing 24% of total provincial manufacturing shipments and accounting for manufacturing shipments of approximately $4.0 billion in 2015.

Manitoba is recognized internationally for the quality of its pork and is home to the largest value-added processing plant of eggs in Canada.

The principal industry organization is Food and Beverage Manitoba, whose activities focus on education and training, domestic and export marketing.

The Food Development Centre (FDC) houses a state of-the-art pilot plant facility equipped with technology that is used by staff and clients in the value-added food, beverage, ingredient and agri-food processing industry. FDC provides contract services in research and development, product development, food labelling, shelf life testing regulatory and HACCP consulting.

FDC assists clients in the development of products and refinement of processes for the food and beverage industry. FDC provides direct and sustainable support for the economic development of the value-added agri-food industry.