Message From The Mayor of Hamilton

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As you read through this fantastic publication, think about this. Just a few short years ago the world was emerging from the grips of the Great Recession. Unemployment rates were in the double digits in some parts of the country, and uncertainty surrounded.

But Hamilton was in the beginnings of Canada’s leading renaissance story. We emerged from this period having one of the lowest unemployment rates, multiple years of $Billion + in building permits and an exorbitant amount of positive national media coverage.

Today, Hamilton’s economy is ranked the most diversified in the nation, we are welcoming major investments from multinationals like Suez, IBM, Mondelez, Stryker and ArcelorMittal as well as enjoying exponential growth in life sciences and digital technology industries.

As you read the stories, learn about our business community and absorb the information, know that Hamilton is a city that has never given up. Our tenacity has helped us not only to survive, but thrive and shown the rest of the nation that we are truly unstoppable.

Welcome to Unstoppable.

Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of Hamilton

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