More People Are Moving to Brantford: Here’s Why

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It’s no secret that the pandemic and work-from-home reality for many is fuelling a growing population shift from big cities to smaller communities.

Brantford offers a great quality of life to those looking for an alternative to big-city expense, traffic congestion, noise and crowding without even leaving the Golden Horseshoe.

Just a little more than 100 kilometres west of Toronto, the community of about 100,000 people provides affordable housing to suit all needs, enviable natural and recreational amenities, a charming and historic downtown and a thriving art, culture and food scene.

Offering a balance of urban and rural qualities and proximity to big-city amenities in all directions, Brantford is the perfect option for people of all ages looking for a lower-cost lifestyle, a slower, friendlier pace, and ready access to the great outdoors.

“Brantford is conveniently located along major transportation corridors that link to Hamilton, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, London and beyond, while offering a remarkable quality of life for people of all ages,” said Mayor Kevin Davis. “We are the ideal place for those who are primarily working from home but need to visit the office once or twice a week. Brantford also offers a thriving and growing local economy built on an array of excellent employment opportunities in a range of sectors, strong value for homebuyers, and the natural and cultural amenities that today’s individuals and families are looking for while maintaining  a small-town feel.”

Affordable real estate

Home ownership is not just a dream in Brantford.

The city offers home prices that are about half those found in the GTA and that are much more affordable than surrounding communities, including Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.

For six years in a row, Brantford has ranked among the top 10 Canadian cities in which to buy real estate by MoneySense magazine. That includes being named No. 1 in 2018 and earning a No. 3 nod four times.

According to REMAX, Brantford is experiencing a surge in housing demand because it is “an appealing home-buying destination for those who wish to live near big-city amenities but are keen on the natural backdrop of the country.”

The ongoing transformation of Brantford’s downtown, recent investments in new high-rise residential projects, and expanded municipal boundaries all underpin increasing interest in the city.

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Paddlers on the Grand River

Quality of life

At its core, quality of life is about finding a place to call home that offers health, balance, happiness and prosperity.

Brantford offers it all: the benefits of small-town living alongside the amenities found in bigger cities, including arts and cultural groups and events, performing arts venues, multicultural organizations, libraries, museums, galleries and historic sites, sports opportunities and a diverse culinary and shopping scene. That includes a farmers’ market that is 173 years old and open year round.

Wilfrid Laurier University, Conestoga College and Six Nations Polytechnic continue to expand their Brantford campuses and programming, which is attracting businesses and residents to the city’s core.

Brantford residents also have ready access to outstanding health-care within the city and in nearby communities for everyone from infants and children to seniors and everyone in between.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Brantford is blessed by beautiful geography, natural amenities and green spaces.

The gorgeous Grand River, a designated Canadian Heritage River that weaves through Brantford, is a year-round paradise for paddling, fishing, bird-watching, hiking, snowshoeing and camping.

There are more than 70 kilometres of trails winding along the Grand River for walkers, runners, hikers and cyclists and many connect to other communities, including Port Dover, Hamilton and Paris. Along with the trails, 18 kilometres of bike trails on city streets and a free bike park make Brantford a premier destination for cyclists.

Brantford is also home to renowned golf courses, a water-based amusement park, 60 playgrounds and hundreds of acres of parkland throughout the municipality.

Thriving economy

Brantford is a job-creation success story, attracting a range of employers in food and beverage manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, plastics and rubber fabrication, and logistics and distribution, to name a few.

A business-friendly city, which consistently boasts one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates, Brantford was named one of the nation’s best locations for businesses to invest in 2020 and again in 2021 by Site Selection Magazine.

Brantford offers an array of supports and resources for new and growing businesses and is the ideal place to turn a dreamed-about career change or new venture into a reality. To learn more about Brantford Ontario please visit