Shaping Oakville’s Future Through Historic Match Initiative

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Healthcare is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. This decade will bring more change in medicine than we have seen in generations and the Oakville community is depending on Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) to keep pace.

As the need for local healthcare increases, OTMH’s healthcare teams are working hard to ensure they continue to be prepared for any circumstance. But they can’t do it alone.

That’s why Oakville Hospital Foundation has launched Oakville’s Flagship Families, an initiative that will bring together families united in their values of making an extraordinary impact in Oakville for the hospital’s highest, most strategic priorities.

Support for the Flagship Families initiative — Oakville Hospital Foundation’s first leadership gift campaign in almost 10 years — will empower OTMH to advance their its vision to be a leading healthcare organization in the province offering integrated community hospital care. It is about investing in this world-class team of healthcare professionals, giving them the tools and resources they need to transform the community healthcare experience.

Over the past three decades, June and Ian Cockwell’s leadership philanthropy has enabled OTMH to invest in medical equipment, innovation, and technology. Their gifts have empowered the hospital to make key equipment upgrades, launch innovative and impactful patient care programs, and inspire thousands of individuals, businesses, and community groups to elevate their giving.

Now, June and Ian Cockwell have made a new commitment to Oakville Hospital. To help spark the passion to give, they have pledged $15 million in match funding to usher in a new era of care at OTMH. This is not only the largest match gift ever made benefitting our hospital but it is also the largest gift in the history of Oakville. With more than $100 million to raise before 2030 to advance healthcare in the community, this $15 million match is a gamer-changer for philanthropy in the region.

Like other community hospitals, OTMH continues to navigate the extraordinary pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic; however, the focus is now shifting from pandemic response to important priorities key to recovery and revitalization.

“If there is anything these past two years have shown us, it’ is that access to a modern hospital with the latest equipment and technology, close to home, is more important than ever,” says Mary McPherson, CEO of the Oakville Hospital Foundation. “As OTMH prepares for the future and a new era of care, having the latest technology and equipment available at OTMH is essential to ensuring quality, world-class care close to home.”

Transformational philanthropy has the power to shape Oakville’s future and set in motion how OTMH can act on evolving priorities and respond to the latest innovations in healthcare. At every stage of Oakville’s history, donors have risen to the occasion and helped OTMH be the hospital it needs to be. As Oakville evolves, its hospital needs to continue to evolve with it.

To find out more about the Oakville Flagship Families initiative, contact Mary McPherson, CEO of the Oakville Hospital Foundation at 905-338-4642 or