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Ontario is home to a thriving Advanced Manufacturing sector that has become the backbone of the province’s economy. The manufacturing industry boasts a total output of more than $240 billion and employs over 500,000 people across the province. This has resulted in a high quality of life for those employed in this sector and their families due to the industry’s strong wages, benefits, and long-term stability.

Manufacturing in Ontario is supported by a diverse range of industries that produce a wide variety of products from automobiles to medical devices. Automotive manufacturing accounts for the largest portion of the province’s output with more than $80 billion globally being exported out of Ontario in 2017 alone. Additionally, the province is home to some of the world’s best air- craft and aerospace companies, leading medical technology firms, cutting-edge green energy producers, and more.

Advanced Manufacturing in Ontario

Ontario has become a global leader in advanced manufacturing, welcoming substantial foreign investment and providing thousands of residents with well-paying jobs.

The province’s commitment to being an innovation-driven economy has spurred significant investment in research, development and cutting-edge technologies. Ontario’s workforce is competitive on a global scale, benefitting from some of the continent’s top technical and educational institutions. An increase in high-tech jobs has resulted in a higher quality of life, with excellent public health and education systems that support stable communities.

Recent developments mean Ontario is well-placed to remain a powerhouse of advanced manufacturing for years to come.

Benefits of Working with Ontario-based Companies

Ontario is an attractive region for advanced manufacturing thanks to its proximity to the US and Europe, lower business taxes, and strong foreign investment support. The Ontario government has worked hard to promote advanced manufacturing in recent years, with a range of support. In particular, Ontario-based companies benefit from access to essential infrastructures across the entire value chain as well as other customized assistance programs.
Working in Ontario’s advanced manufacturing field also means a high quality of life due to Ontario’s vibrant economy and healthy job market resulting in excellent living standards for employees. This combination creates an ideal environment for those looking to work in advanced manufacturing in Ontario.

Ontario has an Open-door policy with a Great Quality of Life

Ontario is a top destination for foreign investment in advanced manufacturing, consistently drawing global attention with the high quality of life that its citizens enjoy.

The Ontario government is dedicated to creating an environment of innovation and encouraging advanced manufacturing investments to ensure economic growth. By focusing on improving the quality of life associated with advanced manufacturing jobs, Ontario has opened the door to increased foreign investment. From offering competitive wage increases to making capital investments in job creation, Ontario is proving that it is a leader in providing employment opportunities with a strong focus on workers’ well-being and improved quality of life.