Windsor’s Automation Innovation Leader: Reko International Group

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Reko International Group has been in the machining and manufacturing business for almost 50 years and now it’s turning its expertise to building the factories of tomorrow.

The company has two divisions: Reko Automation and Concorde Precision Manufacturing.

“We specialize in machining of critical components at a unique and specialized level,” says CEO Diane Reko. “We are also focused on growth in the automation sector. So many of our customers simply can’t find the people they need for production. Our equipment helps bridge that gap.”

Reko provides turn-key automation solutions – design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service – that work on multiple production platforms.

“We produce flexible equipment that is in constant use. It doesn’t sit idle and take up floor space. That’s a very efficient way to operate. We have incredibly creative and talented people and there are very exciting opportunities on the horizon.”

Concorde provides high-precision, custom machining of large-scale castings, forgings and fabrications used in mining, transportation, oil and gas, power generation, and capital equipment.

“In many cases, we are the only outsource for our customers who otherwise do everything in-house. That is a differentiator for us. We work on the critical parts that no one else does.”

Steve Reko launched Reko Tool and Mold in Windsor in 1976 and the company went public in 1994. His daughter took over when Steve died in 2007.

Throughout its history, Reko has invested in cutting-edge equipment and facilities, including a 49,000-square-foot new build in 2018. It has grown into a company of more than 200 employees.

Windsor is the ideal location, says Reko. “Windsor’s machine, tool and die sector has spawned a sophisticated automation sector. There is great benefit to us in being part of the production cluster because it enhances our abilities to meet our customer demands and helps us attract talent.”

The company prioritizes attracting women and young people to the skilled trades and is focused on ensuring the sustainability of domestic manufacturing.

“My father always said that we don’t want to be the country that doesn’t make anything. The pandemic has highlighted the risks of not having domestic production of critical things.”

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