Civica Infrastructure is a Thought Leader in Water Resources Engineering

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The Leader in Sewer Capacity Management and Water Resource Engineering

Since 2012, Civica Infrastructure Inc. has provided industry-leading consulting services for major municipal and urban development clients across Southern Ontario.We offer cutting edge tools and experience to maximize existing infrastructure, save capital spending, and stimulating economic development, while helping to improve and protect the environment.

Proud to Serve York Region through Continuous Improvement

Having served the infrastructure needs in York Region for many years, vice president of Civica Infrastructure Inc. says,“Through our pioneering partnerships with York Region, local municipalities, and the development industry, we’ve helped to increase the resiliency of their municipal systems and continue to stimulate economic development. We believe this is the model to sustainably develop our communities”

Specialized Engineering Services for Your Projects

Our carefully developed procedures assist clients in maximizing the life of existing sewer infrastructure. In addition to our consulting services, we apply effective field inspection methods to improve system knowledge and provide integrated software systems.

Our field services include:

• Rain and flow monitoring
• Smoke and dye testing
• Physical manhole and lot drainage inspections

Our DataCurrent Software, provides comprehensive GIS-based data management including:

• Data management & QC
• Real time alarming and alerts • Data consolidation
• Data Analysis & Reporting

Our highly skilled engineers can appropriately identify defects in drainage systems, maximizing capacity, facilitating new land development, and implementing flood protection.

Partner with Civica – Mitigate Liability and Avoid Spending on New Infrastructure

Through an innovative and holistic approach, our goal is to minimize capital spending for new infrastructure by revitalizing your existing storm and wastewater collection systems.We help you understand the current condition and capacity of your infrastructure, so you can make smart decisions to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of your existing system.

Civica is committed to providing the highest quality of services and tools to the industry.