Top Employers Driving Innovation in Brampton

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Brampton is the – fastest –growing big City in Canada, and for good reason. Countless businesses choose to make the southern Ontario city (adjacent to Toronto International Airport), home each year.

Those looking to find success are attracted to the diverse community, extensive talent pool, access to keytransportation routes, and an established business ecosystem providing endless possibilities for workers and employers alike.

Among the businesses that choose Brampton as an ideal location to set up are four innovators in their respective industries – Canon Canada, SPS Commerce, Medtronic Canada, and Loblaws. These recognizable brands are well-positioned to continue their long history of innovating and meeting the current and anticipated needs of consumers.

Canon Canada: Pushing the Envelope on Innovation

For over four decades, Canon Canada has provided Canadians with innovative and superb imaging products. “Imaging is our core. At the heart of all Canon products – from our cameras to our office printers to our secure entry tracking solutions – is cutting-edge imaging technology,” says Nobu Kitajima, President & CEO of Canon Canada.

Headquartered in Brampton, Canon Canada boasts 11 other offices around the country and is proud to provide 100% Canadian-based service. “As part of the thriving Brampton business community, we are fortunate to have diverse resources and opportunities right outside our front door. Our talented team comes to work every day ready to push the envelope on innovation and stay ahead of the curve,” shares Kitajima.

Innovation District Brampton (video)

SPS Commerce: Solving Global Supply Chain Issues from Brampton

SPS Commerce is another thriving global corporation that is solving the challenges of doing business today through innovative, data-driven solutions – all from their headquarters in Brampton. Since 2001, they have proven their retail, grocery, and logistics expertise by helping businesses get more productivity out of their supply chain. Ultimately, their goal is to facilitate retail trading partners working better together.

“Our mission is to connect all retail trading partners through the easiest-to-join and use retail network, freeing them to focus on what they do best. Brampton provides the essential building blocks we need to serve our clients best,” says Jason Montgomery, Director of Software Engineering.

Medtronic Canada: A subsidiary of the world’s largest medical technology company

Medtronic’s Brampton campus is the Canadian Headquarters for the company’s training and education centre, sales, marketing and administrative functions. “At Medtronic, we put healthcare technology and innovation at the very core of everything we do to help solve challenging health problems,” says Neil Fraser, president of Medtronic Canada. “Our Mission is to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life by delivering innovative technologies that transform the lives of patients across Canada.”

Loblaws: Innovating the Grocery Retail Experience for Canadians Since 1919

Loblaws has made its mark in the food, health, and beauty industries here and abroad by continuously expanding its product lines and services. Through a commitment to innovation and a knack for anticipating how to serve the average family’s household needs best, Loblaws has continued to expand. Loblaws headquarters located in Brampton has almost 400,000 sq ft of office space. They now have 2,400 stores across the country and are currently recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

Brampton: A Place for Innovators to Thrive Together

With access to a diverse labour pool in Brampton, companies seeking to innovate will find many eager workers ready to help them bring their vision for the future to life. From digital imaging to data-driven supply chain solutions to fulfilling the needs of families across Canada, it is evident that businesses that choose to set up in Brampton are well-equipped with all the essentials required to meet the needs of their customers both within the country and overseas.