Vaughan’s Podcast is Attracting Business

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua city of Vaughan
Episode #1 of the Podcast series "Vaughan Rising" features Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua.
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Listen to this new podcast “Vaughan Rising” found on Apple, Spotify & SoundCloud.

The City of Vaughan located within the Region of York just North of Canada’s largest city, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Vaughan is home to over 12,000 businesses and employs over 220,000 people.

Since 2010, more than 60,000 jobs have been created, and $11 billion in building permits have been issued. A recent survey of Vaughan business owners found an outstanding 91 percent are satisfied with the delivery of our City services. Vaughan proudly maintains the highest employment rate in York Region and leads with an employment growth rate of four percent that far outpaces Ontario and Canada.

As part of Vaughan’s ongoing strategies to attract business to the city, the new Podcast, “Vaughan Rising” is now available through Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Please visit the Economic Development page to find all Podcast as they are released found here.

Key growth business sectors for the City of Vaughan:

Advanced Manufacturing,


Professional and Business Services

Transportation and Warehousing

Wholesale Trade

Profiles have been created for each vital sector to highlight potential opportunities and the significance of the industry in Vaughan. To view sector profiles for Vaughan, please click here.

For more information on starting-up, expanding or relocating your business to the City of Vaughan please click here or call 905-832-2281or email:

City of Vaughan’s Economic Development offices located here:

Vaughan City Hall

Economic Development

2141 Major Mackenzie Dr. – Level 200

Vaughan, ON  L6A 1T1