Waterloo Region is a Part of Amazon Bid Shortlist

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The Toronto Region which includes Waterloo for this bid has made it to the second stage in winning the opportunity to be the home of Amazon’s HQ2. “We are thrilled with this news, said Tony LaMantia, President & CEO of Waterloo Economic Development Corporation.  With the support of the civic leadership of Waterloo Region, we were wise to partner with Toronto on the bid.  We will huddle with Toronto Global on the next steps.”

The bid is being managed by Toronto Global, the arms-length not for profit corporation representing municipalities in the Toronto Region. Toronto Global provided a joint statement from Mark Cohon, Chair of Toronto Global, Janet Ecker, ViceChair of Toronto Global and Toby Lennox, CEO of Toronto Global:

“On behalf of all the Mayors and Chairs of the Toronto Region and our partners in Waterloo Region and Guelph, we are thrilled that our bid to attract Amazon’s HQ2 will be moving to the next stage in the selection process. We were proud to submit our proposal alongside some of the most competitive and dynamic Canadian communities, who helped to highlight the great range of advantages we offer as a country.  We are even more honoured to be selected as the only Canadian location to move forward in this competition.  The Toronto Region stands out internationally as a place to locate and grow successful and thriving businesses. It is an unmistakable signal that our region is regarded by the finest and most forward-looking employers from around the world as one of the very best destinations for investment and expansion.  The cornerstone of our bid is the incredible pool of talent that the Toronto Region offers to any potential employer. Supported by world-leading institutions of education and research, an agile and open immigration policy, superior infrastructure, a competitive cost structure and quality of life that is second-to-none, our region offers Amazon the critical advantages it requires as it seeks a home for its HQ2. Moving forward, we will continue to work closely and cooperatively as a region, coordinating our efforts among the many participating municipalities, to ensure ongoing clarity and coherence to the Toronto Region’s bid. We also look forward to working in close coordination with the provincial and federal governments as we gain a clear understanding of the next stages in Amazon’s process. From a future-proofed talent pipeline to universal health care and benefits, to an incredibly cost competitive business climate, the Toronto Region is the location that addresses all of Amazon’s needs.That is why we are the destination of choice for so many companies, large and small, from around the world and here at home.”

The next stage is expected to take several months before the winning bid is announced.

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