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Business analytics is powering the decisions of TransUnion Canada customers and, in turn, fuelling the strong growth of the Burlington-based company.

In just the last year alone, TransUnion Canada has hired 70 of its 270 employees at its Harvester Road location, its Canadian headquarters. That means 26 per cent of current employees have been hired within the last 12 months.

The company may be best known to the public as a credit reporting agency, but it is a much broader information solutions company delivering data analytics and expertise to consumers and businesses.

“We aim to be more than just a credit reporting agency. We’re a sophisticated, global risk information provider striving to use information for good,” said Chris Dias, SVP, Innovative Solutions Group.

The company is committed to providing multidimensional information so that customers in a range of sectors, including banking, consumer lending, retail and ecommerce, insurance, telecommunications, marketing, risk management, property management and collections, can make the best possible choices.

“At TransUnion, we value our customers’ success as much as our own. That’s why we go beyond credit data to offer the insights businesses and consumers need to make informed decisions,” said Dias.

Consumers use TransUnion to make better financial decisions, plan for their futures and manage and protect their credit and personal information.

Businesses partner with TransUnion to build strategies, optimize risk-based decisions, improve efficiencies, acquire customers and then strengthen those relationships.

“We employ exceptional people to create innovative solutions to drive our clients’ growth. This is resulting in our success, as we add value to our customers. It’s a great win-win,” said Sasha Zito, Director of Human Resources.

The concept of Information for Good underpins TransUnion’s vision.

“At TransUnion, we believe in using information to make better decisions that can transform lives and fuel our thriving economies,” said TransUnion Canada President Todd Skinner. “We are always seeking to broaden our customer offerings by developing solutions that provide greater certainty and deliver healthier bottom lines.”

But that also means helping those who need it most.

“We build stronger communities and brighter futures through the professional and personal development of our associates whose efforts improve financial literacy and decrease risk and exploitation of vulnerable people around the world. We call this Information for Good.”

TransUnion Canada was formed in 1989 and local service is delivered across Canada. The company has invested in product development for the Canadian market that leverages TransUnion’s bureau data to assist customers in pursuing increased revenues, better targeted marketing, lower charge-offs, reduced fraud, and improved risk management.

“Being innovative is not a luxury; rather, it’s a fundamental part of winning strategies in this increasingly competitive industry,” said Skinner.

TransUnion’s Canadian database covers about 99 per cent of the adult population, bank credit data on more than 3 million small businesses, and handles more than 34 million annual customer inquiries.

The company’s Canadian customers include two of the top five banks, seven of the top ten insurers, and six of the eight monoline financial services companies.

TransUnion looks for ambitious employees with fresh ideas.

“We offer an environment where we encourage curiosity and there are opportunities both locally and globally for employees looking to grow and develop,” said Zito.

The company also supports community involvement.

“Whether it’s giving time off to volunteer at a local organization or matching donations raised for a favourite charity, TransUnion provides the tools and resources to empower its people to make a difference in their local communities,” said Amanda Brodnicki, an Executive Administrative Assistant.

TransUnion, formed in 1968, employs 4,500 people and maintains credit histories on more than 650 million consumers in 33 countries worldwide. It went public in 2015 and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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