Wyndham Forensic Serves The Truth Backed By Science

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Wyndham Forensic Group (WFG) provides trusted, accredited forensic laboratory testing and consulting services for clients across Canada and around the world.

The WFG team located in Guelph Ontario is also advancing forensic science in emerging areas such as:

Kinship searches for police investigators – WFG offers phenotypic DNA testing to identify the traits of individuals and generate new leads from DNA samples that may be years old. This is an invaluable tool for missing persons or cold case investigations.

DNA testing for immigration – WFG is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to provide DNA testing to verify biological relationships between individuals to support immigration applications.

Cannabis traceability and authentication – WFG is Canada’s only Health Canada-licensed, ISO-accredited forensic lab providing DNA-based cannabis testing for licensed producers, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Testing identifies the unique characteristics of cannabis flower and CBD oil to enhance quality control, protect IP, and differentiate between legal and illicit cannabis.

Wyndham Forensic Science Group

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