York Region Emerges as Canada’s Top Destination for the ICT Sector

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York Region is home to the 2nd highest number of Information and Communications

Technology (ICT) firms in Canada, finishing just behind the City of Toronto. Currently, there are over 4,300 tech firms in theYork Region that provide jobs for 65,000 local residents. The region hosts 4 of Canada’s Top

10 ICT Corporate R&D Investors, including the largest IBM software development lab outside of the United States. In total, 22 of Canada’s Top 100 IT Solutions providers are located in York Region making it the largest ICT hub per capita in Canada.We have attempted to offer a glimpse into the region’s ICT prowess by profiling a few key companies.

Compugen Joins Forces with Mackenzie Health to Create First “Smart Hospital”

Headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Compugen has over 35 years of experience as one of Canada’s largest IT service providers. The firm offers products and services for real-world solutions and has recently partnered with Mackenzie Health to create Vaughan’s first “smart hospital”. Mackenzie Health is the first hospital in Canada to feature fully integrated “smart” technology systems and medical tools that will maximize the efficiency of both patients and the facility.

The system will include audio and video communication tools between providers and patients, community and patient-provider portals, and access to home health tools such as integrated private and secure patient electronic records. Compugen’s partnership with Mackenzie Health will provide the infrastructure, security, and support for the hospital’s new network of “smart” technology.A number of employment opportunities will arise for residents in York Region as the project continues to grow and develop.

Packages Soar to New Heights with Drone Delivery Canada

Local businesses may soon be able to ship small packages via drone thanks
to the Vaughan-based technology company, Drone Delivery Canada. The company is developing a pilot project that will launch Canada’s first commercial drone delivery service and provide easy access to goods for remote communities. Drone Delivery Canada has been working with leading Canadian academics and Canadian Government regulators to develop and implement a logistics platform utilizing drone technology.

“We are proud to be a York Region business driving innovation and disrupting the logistics sector, putting Canada at the forefront of drone delivery technology,” says
Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada.The company has also partnered with The Vaughan International Commercialization Centre to adequately test and evaluate its drone delivery technology. Packages are expected to take flight as early as 2018.

Dupont Fabros Technology Moves to Canada with First Facility in York Region

Dupont Fabros Technology, a leading data centre in the United States, is set to launch its first-ever Canadian facility inVaughan, Ontario.The company has found a home in one of the best places in Ontario to do business, according to Canadian Business and PROFIT Magazine. Dupont Fabros Technology will take over the former home of the Toronto Star printing plant to become one of the largest data centres in Canada.

The new, state-of-the-art infrastructure will open 12 computer rooms by
the end of the year, with a total of 23 computer rooms complete at the end of development.The completed project will create more employment opportunities for residents in addition to boostingYork Region’s already thriving economy and technology sector. Dupont Fabros Technology remains committed to its mission to monitor and protect the information of both national and international enterprises.Vaughan’s new data centre will also be the first facility to specialize in up-to-date technology, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Addressing Urban Sustainability with The Living City Campus

The Living City Campus is Canada’s largest environmental and renewable energy education and demonstration centre, located in York Region at the Kortright Centre for Conservation. The campus is part of the UK-based organization called BRE Innovation Parks.The global network is dedicated to finding innovative solutions that
will deliver social, economic, and environmental benefits to both the local and international communities.

“The main goal is to accelerate the adoption of green building technologies into the Canadian marketplace,” says Glenn MacMillan, Senior Manager of

Water and Energy for theToronto and Region Conservation. In partnership with theVaughan International Commercialization Centre,The Living City Campus will give entrepreneurs across the region, access to a real world, full-scale laboratory where they can develop their products into new and innovative technology solutions.

IT Companies Find New Homes in York Region – What Does this Mean for Your Business?

In the past, Ottawa and Kitchener- Waterloo have earned recognition as Ontario’s tech hub. However, with the introduction of a number of ICT firms and a highly-skilled workforce,York Region has now emerged as a leader in the Canadian technology industry. More space,a slightly lower tax rate, and its close proximity to Toronto make York Region an ideal place to achieve success in the technology sector.