Advancing Innovation In Oakville

burloak technologies advanced manufacturing oakville ontario
Burloak Technologies is a leader in additive manufacturing, specialized in material science, design optimization, precision manufacturing and part qualification.
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Advanced manufacturing represents an important part of the economy in Oakville, with companies who are world-class leaders in product advancement. Ford Motor Company opened its Canadian headquarters and assembly plant in Oakville in 1953 and remains the town’s largest employer for over 65 years. As an inventor led company, Ford was an early adopter of additive manufacturing bringing innovative products to market.

Also referred to as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is a faster, and more environmentally- friendly manufacturing process. The technology has broad applications spanning several of Oakville’s key sectors, including automotive, aerospace, energy, industrial and healthcare.

According to the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, additive manufacturing is forecasted to grow fivefold by 2020, with the market identified as a priority area of innovation and job growth for the Canadian economy.

In Oakville, significant additive manufacturing activity
is underway. Private and public sector investment, collaboration and industry partnership are signaling the emergence of a cluster of expertise in this area of advanced manufacturing.

Three examples are Oakville-based companies, Burloak Technologies, Javelin Technologies and Promation.

Centre of Excellence

Burloak Technologies, a division of Samuel, Son & Co. opened a 60,000 square foot state- of-the-art facility specializing in additive manufacturing. The Centre of Excellence was established to help companies adopt additive manufacturing processes from concept through to design and production.

“Additive manufacturing is a rapidly developing technology that creates much lighter, stronger parts while reducing costs by consolidating multiple manufacturing steps into a single process,” said Peter Adams, President and Co-Founder of Burloak Technologies.

Company collaboration

Javelin Technologies established an integrated partnership with Cimetrix Solutions. The partnership combines the specialization of both firms to improve service to the 3D printing market and better positions both companies for growth. By coordinating services, the companies can provide support to manufacturers through their newly expanded industrial 3D printing lab.

Industry network partnership

Promation joined Canada Makes, a network of private, public, academic and non- profit entities dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of advanced and additive manufacturing in Canada. The company also partnered with the University of Waterloo’s Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab to develop the next generation of additive manufacturing processes.

Canada’s best place to work

Additive manufacturing will play a key role in supporting the sustainability of the town’s advanced manufacturing base, enhancing the supply chain locally and providing an opportunity for companies to innovate and grow.

Oakville provides companies with a strategic location in the Greater Toronto Area, easy access to transportation networks and one of the most educated workforces in Canada. Celebrated by MoneySense Magazine as Canada’s Best Place to Live, Oakville can also be thought of Canada’s best place to work.

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