Bay Street Experience with an Oakville Address

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In a recent meeting with Chris Coderre, at his Oakville Office, a couple in their early sixties had a list of questions they had prepared.

They were trying to determine whether they were going to move their investment portfolio to Caldwell Securities Ltd. after a 25 year relationship with their bank.

“I love these meetings. When people take the time to meet with me, they show that they care about their investments and planning for their future” says Coderre. Depending on their age, wealth, and priorities, discussions will often center on growing the value of their portfolios, or living comfortably off of the gains and income, while maintaining the capital for the next generation. Preservation of capital is an important part of most meetings.

Coderre has 28 years of experience on Bay Street in fixed income and equities, dealing with both families and institutional investors. “I think it’s important to understand the client’s investment objectives and then act as their personal Chief Investment Officer (“CIO”). This is about my client’s personal wealth and specifically how to invest to meet their financial goals.”

Indicative strategies include:

Income Investing –  How to invest in a rising  rate environment?

  • Objective is above average income with capital preservation and low volatility
  • Invest in long/short investment grade credits that seek to generate strong, tax efficient returns in all interest rate conditions
  • Employ positive carry and relative value strategies, while eliminating all interest rate and currency movements

Equities and dividends –  Is the bull market over?

  • North American value investing
  • Blue chip and Dividend stocks
  • Canadian Value & Momentum strategy
  • Global Macro Hedge Fund

Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) –  How to invest in the digital economy?

  • Any innovation that is life changing usually creates a bubble
  • AI is integrated in many sectors, while Blockchain is just getting started
  • This is not for every portfolio, but you want someone who understands the space

To book a meeting with Chris, please call 905-901-1892, or learn more by visiting

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