Brampton Invests in a Tech-Focused Future

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City commitment brings Brampton closer to a new Ryerson – Sheridan facility downtown.

Brampton City Council made an historic commitment to an investment strategy for a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a university and a centre for education, innovation and collaboration in Downtown Brampton.

“Brampton City Council has demonstrated leadership and a commitment to the future of Brampton,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “Securing a university, and all the associated economic and social benefits, has been a priority for the City and I’m very pleased we’ve taken this bold step to support a positive outcome for our residents, our businesses, our youth, and our future.”

Council endorsed, in principle, investing up to $50M over 10 years into a post-secondary facility, and up to $100M into joint-use community space to support a university, business innovation and collaboration, community interaction and cultural growth.

This joint-use building could include a new central library, and entrepreneurial and cultural space in close proximity to a university facility in Downtown Brampton. The focus will be a creative space with unique attributes and advanced technology.

Expected soon are the results of a report on the economic and social benefits of a new university facility and a centre for education, innovation and collaboration.

The City is excited to continue its discussions with Ryerson University, Sheridan College, the Province and all stakeholders to develop a unique centre that combines education with innovation and collaboration – something beyond a traditional university campus.

A STEM-focused university, supported by innovative and tech focused business and community facilities, will allow Brampton residents, Ontario residents and people from around the globe to be a part of a centre of excellence in the skills of tomorrow.

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