Brampton is a Leader in Innovation, Jobs and Investment

Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton
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Mayor Patrick Brown welcomes you to Brampton!

Brampton is on the verge of a deliberate and significant transformation.  And it’s all happening Now!

The transformation, as envisioned by the city’s 650,000 strong population, aims at making Brampton a leader in innovation, talent, jobs and investment.

To bring more jobs and investment into Brampton, we are working to show regional and global investors why the city is such a great place to do business.
As Canada’s second fastest growing city, Brampton is a ready source of talent that can support every key industry. Our central location within the Toronto-Waterloo Super Innovation Corridor and our connectivity provide companies quick and easy access
to international markets. Our competitive advantages will drive Brampton’s foreign direct investment as it focusses on key sectors: health and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, innovation and technology and food and beverage.

As Brampton goes global, there are exciting developments setting the stage
for innovation and growth.  In 2018, investment projects worth more than
$865 million flowed into the city, with key investments from companies such as Alstom, ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development, and Canadian Blood Services. High levels of construction activity in Brampton are an important indicator of  the jobs and investment being brought into the City.

We are also prioritizing innovation and entrepreneurship.  In 2019 we are launching the city’s new incubator and co-working space that will offer a wide range of solutions and support services to the local entrepreneur community.

With the recent announcement of Ryerson University launching Cybersecure Catalyst, a new national centre for innovation and collaboration for cybersecurity in Brampton, along with Ryerson’s Chang School of Continuing Education now offering cybersecurity courses in downtown Brampton, we are reinforcing Brampton’s commitment to collaborating with post- secondary institutions and industry.  We are connecting great minds through an innovation and talent ecosystem with an unparalleled drive to succeed, which will enhance our competitive edge.

Brampton’s ability to become an economic hotspot is rooted in its rich and diverse culture.We are particularly looking forward to working with Steven Schipper, the new Executive Artistic Director of The Rose Theatre.  Steven will play an integral role in helping to shape the City’s cultural and arts identity.

Brampton’s time to become an economic, academic, cultural and innovation engine is here – and that time is Now!  For more information on the City of Brampton please click here.