Clanmore Montessori School Students Achieve Their Full Potential

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Housed in a beautifully restored historic building, with a modern and aesthetically captivating new addition, Clanmore Montessori School is a private school situated in southeast Oakville, steps away from Lake Ontario. It conveniently borders both Joshua’s Creek Conservation Area and the City of Mississauga.

The vision at Clanmore Montessori School is to offer a unique educational program for children of ages eighteen months to fifteen years. The school offers an environment which meets the needs of each child and fosters family life.

Clanmore gives children an authentic Montessori education, with an in-house chef prepared lunch program, cocurricular programming, summer camps, and more.

The program is based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori, who developed an approach to children consistent with their natural development and their fundamental desire to learn. Fully trained teachers guide and mentor the children using the principles of freedom within limits and self-directed activity. This allows each child to achieve his or her potential, academic and otherwise, without pressure, and to develop a keen sense of self.

“The “do your best” rather than “be the best” attitude at Clanmore is an essential life skill”, says a parent of a Clanmore student.

In a Montessori classroom, time management is encouraged from an early age. At the Elementary level, each child is introduced to a journal that they use to record their daily and weekly work, plan for the week ahead and outline what work remains to be completed. Students are responsible for completing this each week, and in doing so, time management becomes second nature to the child at a very young age.

“I come back to visit Clanmore often. Every time I come back I have the feeling that I’m coming home. There is no sense of intrusion or outgrowth, which I have felt palpably on the three times I have returned to my high school campus. I don’t have to wear a “visitor” sticker or sign in at the front desk. All I have to do is walk in the front door, remove my outdoor shoes, and walk into the classroom. Immediately, I feel the Clanmore magic welcome me back” says a Clanmore graduate.

At Clanmore, technology is introduced when it is developmentally appropriate. While today’s technological society requires us to be knowledgeable and adept at using technology, there is a specific time for this to be introduced to the child so that they can engage it in an appropriate way. What is critical is that they have the tools that will allow them to learn to utilize technology effectively and safely when
it is developmentally appropriate for them to do so.

With low student-to-teacher ratios and a highly qualified, caring staff, the atmosphere is warm and inclusive. For more information, please visit

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