Oakville Library is Fuelling Smart Growth in the Community

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“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.” – Sidney Sheldon.

At the Oakville Public Library (OPL), our goal is fueling the imagination that contributes to making our town an innovative and growth-oriented community. In fact, our Vision, Mission, and Values strongly reflect this goal and how we strive to achieve it.

  • Vision (Why we exist): Inspiring Oakville
  • Mission (Our impact): Cultivating discovery and creativity by fulfilling our values
  • Values (What we do):
    • Providing access to resources for information and recreation
    • Fostering the joy of reading and learning for all ages
    • Offering a welcoming and supportive environment

We recognize and take pride in our responsibility to become a powerful and imperative instrument for Oakville’s diverse and forward-thinking community. In recent years, the library has reinvented itself through the introduction of modern technology and innovative learning. Many new initiatives, emerging technologies, programming, and projects are underway. The objective is to expand the existing inventory of services and resources, and give the community access to resources that may not otherwise be easily accessed.

As of October 2017, all Oakville Public Library (OPL) branches are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, including book tags, Smart Gates, Self Check-out Kiosks, Check-in Stations, and Automatic Sorters.

Branches offer 3D printing services and a free certification course (which will shortly also be offered online), enabling entrepreneurs to print their concept designs, prototypes, presentation models, etc. in a convenient, affordable way.

A number of electronic collections of newspapers, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, eBooks, audiobooks, research reports, images and multimedia are available to aid research and lifelong learning.

Online technology tutorials, documentaries, online course materials and programming, eMusic, and a variety of the latest mobile apps are available to library patrons.

Wi-Fi and guest passes to use computers are feely available and temporary library cards for visitors to borrow material are also available.

Renovation for Innovation – Serving the Community’s Need for Emerging Technologies

The renovated Iroquois Ridge Branch and new Creation Zone opened to the public on July 4, 2017. The renovations allowed for the reconfiguration of space, upgraded public access computers, group work and meeting spaces, and the introduction of a Creation Zone, a versatile space that inspires collaboration and learning, as well as recreation and reflection. It serves as a gathering point where individuals can connect to work on meaningful projects, using both modern technologies and traditional tools. Assistance from experienced and qualified staff members, such as a Creation Specialist, is offered for individuals wanting to utilize the space.

Creation Zone offerings include:

  • 3D Printer as well as both basic and advanced 3D Modelling software programs.
  • Cutting edge videography and photography tools (digital camcorders, green screen, editing software, microphones, Go Pros, drones, podcasting equipment etc.).
  • Virtual Reality experiences (headsets, Oculus Rift).
  • Versatile equipment including a dedicated set of laptops and iPad Pros.
  • Space for hands-on learning and coding activities highlighting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math), as well as partnering with local robotics teams and Sheridan College, and implementing tools such as Bloxels to support learning in these key areas with an emphasis on youth.

In addition, the branch houses an extended quiet zone, a comfortable reading lounge, and modern collaboration pods. The branch is also equipped with in-branch loanable laptops.

The Oakville Public Library is a notfor-profit corporation and a registered charity providing library services to the Oakville community. Municipal and provincial grants provide funds to cover the library’s expenses for its operation, administration, infrastructure, and maintenance. In addition, to enhance its core resources beyond what its basic operating budget allows, the library also receives donations from individuals, corporations, endowment trust funds, and civic organizations.

Join us! We look forward to sharing the benefits of an Oakville Public Library membership with you.

For more information, please visit our website: www.op.on.ca

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