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Mississauga plays a leading role in the Canadian Film Industry

For those who call Mississauga home, it’s not uncommon or usual to see film trucks, cameras or crews on your street or in your local neighbourhood. But could you recognize scenes featuring the city? Believe it or not, Mississauga is building quite the reputation within the film industry and can be seen in some of the biggest blockbusters and Netflix productions. With an abundance of local talent, a growing number of film studios and countless number of shot-list locations, it’s no wonder why Mississauga checks all the boxes with filmmakers and is becoming THE place for filmmaking.

Mississauga’s Character Stands Out from the Crowd – Picture-Perfect Credentials

As the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Vancouver spar in a friendly competition for the nickname “Hollywood North,” Mississauga’s alignment with filmmaking continues to grow. Word on the street says Mississauga is quickly earning its reputation as “Studio City North” – and for good reason! Mississauga has so much character to offer and boasts a culture for supporting the creative arts, not to mention its convenience. Being located less than 30 minutes to Downtown Toronto and home to the Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Mississauga’s proximity to surrounding areas and amenities make it the perfect place to meet in the middle.

With over 500 scenic parks and upwards of 500 kilometres of trails, combined with a diverse mix of urban centers, shopping districts, and historic neighborhoods, Mississauga offers a backdrop setting for almost any scene.

And it’s for all these reasons, more and more studios are choosing to set up shop in Mississauga. Most recently, Mississauga caught the attention of CBS Stages Canada, which opened a 260,000 sq ft production facility in the city, the first Canadian location for the U.S. network. Mississauga is also proud to be home to all three Ontario locations for Canadian based film and television studio and equipment provider, Whites Studios. These new facilities bring Mississauga’s studio count to a total of six local film production facilities and a growing footprint of almost 900,000 film-ready square feet.

Why Creative Arts Help Mississauga

Beyond the obvious benefits of jobs, employment opportunities and economic impact, the film industry does much more for our city and our local businesses. It sparks a feeling of local pride, and injects confidence (as well as investment) into our arts and culture communities. “This investment will not only support jobs and attract talent from coast to coast, it will also boost economic growth and further raise Mississauga’s profile in the film sector. Now home to six major film studios, Mississauga is the ideal place for Canada’s film and television sector to thrive. Given our strategic location, proximity to the airport and competitive business environment, Mississauga’s creative industry is on the rise,” says Mississauga’s Mayor Bonnie Crombie. It has been reported that the creative sector is the fastest- growing part of Ontario’s economy, bringing more than $12 billion annually to the local economy.

With a rise in the number of films and studios, also comes a rise in reasons for residents to move to Mississauga and visitors to visit. As a municipality that celebrates diversity and a commitment to inspiring creativity of all genres, the City of Mississauga uses thoughtful planning to foster creativity through a mix of neighbourhoods, reliable transit, convenient shopping districts and a range of entertainment options.

Mississauga Supports the Arts and Film Industries

As Canada’s 6th largest city, Mississauga supports all its residents, artists, businesses and local talents in a number of ways. Most recently, Tourism Mississauga, in partnership with the City’s Economic Development Office (EDO) and the Culture Division, launched an initiative to support local artists and businesses called Mississauga Made. is an online marketplace that celebrates and promotes all things Mississauga- based. From local prop shops, to make-up artists, to nearby caterers and talent agencies, Mississauga Made is working to become a one-stop hub for sourcing creative services across the city.

Mississauga is also home to a number of artistic and cultural venues, including a variety of museums, art galleries, theatres, and historical heritage sites – many of which have been used in recent film productions. With a growing population made up of residents from over 150 countries, speaking over 200 different languages, it is no surprise why Mississauga’s diverse cultural scene is engrained in the city’s DNA – and definitely no shortage of local talents. One community hub that was specifically designed to highlight the arts and celebrate our city is Celebration Square. This outdoor public space embodies the city’s commitment to the arts; it creates a place to showcase the performing arts and celebrate cultural festivals.

The Future Looks Bright for Mississauga in Film and TV

Prior to the pandemic and heading into 2020, Mississauga’s Film & Television Office was showing very positive numbers. Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie says, “Mississauga is a city in demand, and we are quickly becoming known as Studio City North…our City’s filming activity is at an all- time high.” Since 2017, film permits in Mississauga have increased by almost 20% with film revenue to the City increasing by more than 300%.

After halting productions earlier this year due to COVID-19 shutdowns, film studios gained the green light to reopen in May and June. As a result, studios have turned up the creative juices to find new and innovative ways to film safely. Despite all the restrictions, film permits continue to be on the rise and film crews can regularly be seen around town. During these times of uncertainty, there is one thing we can be certain of – and that’s Mississauga’s A-Lister place within the film industry.

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