Mississauga’s Downtown: An Urban Centre on the Rise

mississauga downtown urban centre on the rise
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Something big is happening in Mississauga’s Downtown and it’s causing a wave of excitement with the recent unveiling of Oxford Properties Group and Alberta Investment Management Corporation’s plan for the largest mixed-use downtown development in Canadian history – Square One District. The overall development plan will, overtime, transform 130-acres around the Square One Shopping Centre into an 18 million square foot master planned mixed use neighbourhood that will contribute to the evolution of Mississauga’s Downtown as envisioned by the City’s Downtown 21 Master Plan. This development along with the recent expansion of Sheridan College and other major landowners’ developments that are under construction, or in the pipeline, will contribute to the transformation of Downtown Mississauga into a true urban centre and lifestyle destination where people connect, work and grow.

Oxford’s 37 towers are planned with a total of 18,000 residential units capable of accommodating 35,000 residents, more than half will be rental apartments. Integrated into the design will be green space, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and transit networks.


Office space will play an important role in turning Square One District into a true, large-scale mixed-use project. Oxford’s 19-storey, 42,075m2 gross floor area office tower, will be the first of many office commercial developments in the Downtown that will be the spark that ignites Mississauga’s Downtown to become a major business centre that attracts investment and creates employment opportunities in a diversity of sectors.

Creating a vibrant and expanding employment base is a critical component of a thriving and sustainable downtown. To further attract office development in the downtown, the City of Mississauga created a Downtown Community Improvement Plan (CIP) that allows the City to consider granting incentives that include: Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG), Development Processing Fees Rebate, Municipally Funded Parking Program, and Municipal Property Acquisition and Disposition.


Getting in and out of Downtown Mississauga is fast and easy. The City’s core is in the heart of a major transit network connected within the GTA. The Downtown is home to the second busiest GO transit bus terminal in the region, and will be further served by the Hurontario Light Rail Transit Line (Fall 2024) and a new multi-service transit terminal on Square One Lands.

The area is also highly walkable with great parks and public open spaces for people to take a stroll or slowdown and take a break. Cycling is also another great way to get around with a number of cycling routes and paths.

As Mississauga’s Downtown continues to develop, there is still room to grow. With a healthy mix of employment and residential land uses, the Downtown is an ideal location for office development and tenants. Located in the heart of the GTA, the Downtown offers an abundance of amenities and an active nightlife that attracts talent, direct routes to Pearson International Airport and transit connections to anywhere across the region. Mississauga’s Downtown is the place to be.

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