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Sun-Brite's processing facility is 200,000 square feet, plus 500,000 square-feet of warehouse space. Sun-Brite produces 70,000 cases of tomato products a day for it's brand names Unico and Primo, and its client list includes Campbell’s and Heinz.
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Considering a move or expansion of your food or beverage plant?  Windsor-Essex is growing & processing with Closest Access to U.S. Markets directly across from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Agri-business in the Windsor-Essex region is a $3 billion industry with almost 8,000 employees spread across more than 100 food & beverage processing companies & over 1,500 growers. There are 2,000 acres of greenhouse operations making Windsor-Essex the largest greenhouse cluster in North America. The region is home to major national and world-wide brands. Why are they in Windsor-Essex, Ontario Canada?

6 Reasons why major national brands locate in Windsor-Essex


Food Processing

National & international food processing companies in the region includes – Hiram Walker & Sons – the largest distillery in Canada, Diageo, Unico, Bonduelle, SunBrite, Highbury Canco & ADM. Greenhouse companies such as Mastronardi Produce, Mucci Farms & Nature Fresh Farms, among others, are major suppliers of fresh produce & packaged fresh food products to North America & Europe. The wine industry is becoming an important part of the region’s agri-business sector.


Advanced Technology

Windsor-Essex region has a “cutting edge” manufacturing sector & this translates into all other sectors by bolstering their technical abilities. Agribusinesses use advanced technology to optimize yield, BRIX count & grow times. Technology also helps food processors automate quality control, ensuring that every food products sent to market are fully inspected by skilled workers & by robotic vision systems.


Research and Food Safety

The Harrow Research & Development Centre one of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada’s national network of 20 research facilities is located in the region. The centre is one of the largest greenhouse research facilities in North America with leading researchers & scientists with expertise in agriculture.


Non-Traditional Growers & Producers

Windsor-Essex is home to a flourishing cannabis greenhouse growing region. Aphria Inc. is a vertically integrated Canadian medical marijuana company that is 1 of the 30+ licensed producers in Canada legally allowed to cultivate & sell cannabis under Health Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. The government plans to legalize recreational use of cannabis in 2018 and by 2024, Health Canada projects that the medical cannabis market in Canada will reach $1.3 billion.



Windsor-Essex is located in Canada’s “deep south” – at roughly the same latitude as Northern California. It’s weather is among one of the longest growing seasons in the country at over 200 days of the year. It’s surrounded by the Great Lakes fresh water system making for ideal growing conditions.



The Windsor-Essex region is located on the border of the U.S., directly across from Detroit, Michigan. The region boasts a very significant cross-border logistics industry that facilitates access to U.S. & international markets. It has integrated, temperature controlled distribution & transportation facilities that allow for moving fresh products to market quickly. Those assets, combined with Canada’s duty-free access to the U.S., Mexico & Europe, make the region an excellent center for agriculture & food processing.

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For more information about the Agriculture, Food and Beverage processing sector of Windsor-Essex in Ontario Canada, please click and visit Windsor-Essex Economic Development.