How to spend a Saturday in Guelph

How to spend a Saturday in Guelph
Start your day in Guelph at some great coffee shops, hit a few markets, walk the trails, no shortage of amazing dining and incredible retail shopping.
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If it were up to me, every Saturday in Guelph would go something like this:

My husband Dave and I would wake up in good time, encouraged by a bright day and a hungry corgi. I’d pull on my go-to jeans, a cozy sweater and some comfy boots then grab a couple of tote bags and we’d begin making our way across downtown to the Farmer’s Market. En route I’d fuel up on a latte (preferably matcha) from Galt Juice Co. or Planet Bean and we’d head in.

Once at the market we’d peruse the seasonal produce, local fare and let the fresh scents and bright colours inspire some meal ideas for the week to follow. After filling the bags with goodies and wolfing down a freshly made cinnamon sugar donut (a can’t miss market treat!) we’d escape before the major rush. On our way out I’d zip into Take Time Vintage to see if any treasures were calling my name.

From there we’d either stop into Eric the Baker for a few croissants or plop down on the patio at 39 Carden for a quick bite. I’d go for the Egg’s in a Nest, my personal favourite on the brunch menu and we’d likely discuss our ongoing house projects and travel goals for the months to come.Then, it’d be time to head back home.

Without a doubt we’d be welcomed by our two fur kiddos. Evie the cat, would be sure to inspect the bags and Dobby, our corgi, would convince us that a walk through Wolfond Park and along the Speed River Trail was absolutely in order. If we were feeling ambitious we might even make it to Riverside Park to watch the ducks float on the water and enjoy a little people watching.The visit would be extra special if a beaver made an appearance!

After a long stroll and lots of fresh air my instincts to hunker down would kick in and I might head to the Bookshelf to pick up a good read or catch a matinee at the theatre with a girlfriend (my favourite place to watch a show). Of course, I’d pop my head in to say hi to the good folks at Blush, Kennedy Park and Truth Beauty where I might be tempted to treat myself to something lovely. Quebec Street is a must see for the best of Guelph’s boutique shopping.

If the sun was still going strong and the temperature was friendly I could probably be convinced to join Dave and some friends for a round of Frisbee Golf at the beautiful Guelph Arboretum where you can instantly forget the city is just minutes away. But if the sun was dipping down early, I’d pop into my favourite plant shop Blooms + Flora to see if I could bring a little of the outdoors home with me.

Then to polish off this delightful day we’d either fix up a farmer’s market feast or meet my parents for some French country cooking at Artisanale.

It’s safe to say I’d sleep really well and wake up feeling fresh and rested for a productive Sunday!

Lee Vosburgh is a designer and creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog Style Bee, find out what’s in right now at and read more in the 2018 Visit Guelph Guide.

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