Create Your legacy With The Oakville Hospital Foundation.

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A gift of securities is one of the most cost-effective ways to support The Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

There are few things in our lives that are more important than exceptional
healthcare—except, perhaps, access to this exceptional healthcare within our local community.

Oakville Hospital Foundation donors understand that as we expand the limits of what we are able to accomplish at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital we also face increased costs associated with the expansion of our programs and the purchase of new medical equipment and technology.

Donating publicly traded stock is a smart way to invest in quality healthcare
for generations to come while receiving excellent tax benefits.

When you have investments (such as publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds) that have appreciated considerably since their purchase, the capital gain is taxable as income. If you donate these investments to Oakville Hospital Foundation, however, you will receive a tax receipt for the full appreciated value for your donation of publicly traded stock or securities and the added bonus of not having to pay capital gains tax.

OTMH donors Joe and Monika Paradi realize the value in donating gifts of
securities. By donating shares to Oakville Hospital Foundation that had appreciated in value instead of cash, the couple were able to eliminate all taxes that would otherwise be owing on the shares’ accumulated capital gains.

“We have supported our hospital for over 40 years,” said Joe Paradi. “Strong local involvement by people using the excellent healthcare OTMH provides is vital for the wellbeing of the public and the institution. That is our reason for donating funds and time to continuously improve what is already a great hospital.”

And this fall, thanks to June and Ian Cockwell, the impact of your gift will go even further. The Cockwells have generously renewed their commitment to OTMH with an incredible $1.4 million gift and are asking the Oakville community to join them. Their goal is to inspire donors to elevate their giving sights by offering to match donations and pledge commitments made in 2019. Cash donations, pledges, and gifts of securities of $25,000 or more
will be matched on a scale with gifts of $100,000 matched 100%.

“Our success in achieving this ongoing commitment to connect generosity to world-class healthcare at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital comes from our belief in sparking the passion to give through a set of core values that underpin each and every community, donor and individual interaction we have,” said Mary McPherson, CEO of the Oakville Hospital Foundation.

“As an Oakville Hospital Foundation Board of Director and Chair of the Development Committee, I understand the importance for families to link their values with the needs of the Oakville Hospital,” said Kriss Bush. “Before year end is a perfect time for families to evaluate their charitable giving strategies and reflect on how they might support our community hospital. And a great example to maximize the impact of your legacy is to use appreciated stock.”

A gift of securities is one of the most cost-effective ways to support Oakville Hospital Foundation, now or in the future. Your legacy can also include a gift in your will of cash or securities, reducing the ultimate tax bill on your estate. Gifts of stock – now or as part of your estate plans – are a unique way to give back; a way to touch the lives of countless individuals. It is our responsibility to invest in healthcare today as an investment in the future of our community.

It’s an investment in the life that we will make—for ourselves and for our loved ones—for now and for years to come. If you are considering a gift for Oakville Hospital Foundation, please call Suzanne Hallsworth, Chief Development Officer, at 905-338-4642 to explore the possibilities.

You can also visit the Oakville Hospital Foundation website found here.