London, Ontario is Making its Mark as a Logistics Leader

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London, Ontario has captured the attention of multinational conglomerate, Amazon, and other logistics-focused companies due to the city’s strengths in certain key areas. Manufacturing, access to five major U.S border crossings, shovel ready lands, and a talented workforce that supports manufacturing, agri-food production, head office functions, product development, and distribution, are among the top reasons the city is a preferred logistics centre.

In London, Amazon joins logistics leaders like HCL Logistics, Simtech Supply Chain Management, Churchill Logistics, Drexel Industries, and Versa Cold Logistics Services to name only a few.

For HCL Logistics, the city is an ideal location for their 700,000 square foot facility due to the many benefits of the region.

“HCL Logistics Inc. benefits from operating in London, Ontario, due to the city’s diverse and talented workforce, its centrally located position in southwestern Ontario, and proximity to the US markets. We have strong support for economic growth from the municipal government and related organizations. The majority of our customers see the benefits of London as well, and either become our customers due to relocation here, or their desire to have their product/service located in London,” says vice-president, Franco Barbon.

Why Companies that Bet their Reputations on Optimized Logistics Choose London

Strength in Manufacturing

The abundance of companies in advanced manufacturing makes London an attractive location for businesses looking to help manufacturers get their products to market in Canada, the United States, and beyond North America.

With more than 34,300 employees and 500 companies, London’s advanced manufacturing sector represents approximately 12% of all employment in the region. Defense and composite material-based products are driving growth in this sector, as well as the aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, and building products industries. Many of these manufacturers seek third-party logistics companies to ensure their products are delivered efficiently to retailers.

Access to Major U.S Border Crossing and CN and CP Rail Systems

Companies operating in London also benefit from proximity to the 401/402 corridor which carries $1.5 billion in trade daily and provides access to 150 million consumers within a one-day drive. The city also offers access to five major U.S border crossings (Sarnia/Port Huron, Windsor/Detroit, and Niagara/ Buffalo), the CN and CP rail systems and the London International Airport, providing a range of options for land, sea, and air transportation.

Industrial Infrastructure

For Amazon, London will be the site for two fulfillment centres. Construction is currently underway, and the London Economic Development Corporation is pleased to welcome Amazon to the community.

“We are thrilled to welcome Amazon to London,” said Kapil Lakhotia, President & CEO, London Economic Development Corporation. “Their brand, global reach and innovative distribution technologies will act as a magnet for new investments.”

Talented Workforce and Access to Research and Development Institutions

With a talented workforce specializing in logistics, engineering, production, electrical, and quality assurance, London has an abundance of skilled workers ready to get the job done.

The region is also connected with 25 research and development institutions for businesses looking to optimize their logistics operations.

Support from the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC)

Companies that choose to start-up or scale-up their logistics operations in London benefit from robust support at the local level. The LEDC strives to ensure that small, medium, and large enterprises have the talent, resources, and business conditions they need for lasting success.

“London continues to be a dynamic hub that provides businesses with skilled talent, access to raw materials, and to a variety of markets,” said Kapil Lakhotia, President & CEO, London Economic Development Corporation. London’s strength in advanced manufacturing, agri food, and health have created a great environment for many successful logistics operations.”