Mayor Drew Dilkens – City of Windsor

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The City of Windsor is booming. Our taxes are competitive, our location is an asset and our workforce is skilled. Windsor is open for business. Over the past 11 years, Windsor has paid down debt, frozen taxes, and dramatically improved the overall efficiency of our government.

Using streamlined local economic development initiatives, leveraging the border as a key asset and en-couraging partnerships with local businesses, Windsor supports a new economy that creates and maintains jobs for its residents. These actions have created a dra-matic increase of investment in the City and resulted in a massive decrease to the unemployment rate that now sits below the provincial average. For more than a century, Windsor has been a City that builds quality products. We are using that tradition to create a new diversified knowledge-driven economy.

The City of Windsor is a dynamic place of civic pride and a hub for innovation, culture and creativity. Our cost of living makes Windsor an attractive loca-tion for families and people of all ages. Housing costs are among Canada’s most affordable – less than half of Toronto prices. With quick access to local and large cultural, sporting and entertainment events, Windsor is a great place to live.

As a caring community, the City of Windsor showed its commitment to providing a high quality of life for all by welcoming over 1000 newcomers. The City of Windsor celebrates our multi-cultural fabric and continues to support citizens with diverse needs in all stages of life. Our City is committed to walking and cycling as healthy and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation and encouraging the arts as both an economic driver and an essential part of life in Windsor.

The City of Windsor is thriving. We are a strong community of families, businesses and entrepreneurs. Today’s Windsor has so much to offer. Don’t just take my word for it. Come and see for yourself.