Tom Bain – Warden of Essex County

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A renewed sense of vitality is beginning to take root across Essex County. After years of challenging eco-nomic conditions, the region is showing an increase in growth, productivity and output. The creativity, innova-tion and determination of Essex County residents and busi-nesses have all been equally influential in this momentous shift.

Greenhouse operators continue to introduce new prod-ucts and cultivate new markets. Agriculture and agri-busi-ness facilities have forged new alliances, creating a wealth of exciting new opportunities. The resilience of the manu-facturing sector continues to impress and the significant investments being made demonstrates a well-placed con-fidence in our region.

Essex County businesses and residents continue to adapt and reinvent in order to seek out competitive advantages. Local business and industry have been able to initiate stra-tegic investments that have resulted in job retention, busi-ness expansion and investment attraction. Recent defining infrastructure investments, such as the announcement of the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (S.W.I.F.T.) project, demonstrates the understanding of the value of the region and will undoubtedly allow Essex County to remain competitive in the global marketplace, while also strength-ening the local economy.

Notwithstanding the spark shown in local economic prospects, our residents also enjoy the benefit of beautiful, engaged and culturally-enriching communities. Our region was recognized as a Top 7 Intelligent Community and five of our Essex County municipalities were also ranked in the top ten safest communities in all of Canada, including local honours for holding the top spot.

Make no mistake about it, Essex County has been, is and will continue to be world-class. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, we encourage healthy and active living with our network of outdoor trails, we have a rich history of multi-culturalism and we celebrate our diversity through a myriad of quality festivals, events and local attractions. We encour-age you to visit us and come see all that we have to offer.