Discovering The New Life Sciences District In Hamilton

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1 – Residential Tower 2 – Hyatt Hotel 3 – Mixed-Use Workspace with Atrium 4 – Residential Tower 5 – Mixed Use Workspace Tower 6 – Custom Lab 7 – Life Sciences Low Rise 8 – Custom Lab 9 – Advanced Technology Low Rise 10 – Residential Low Rise 11 – Bio-Manufacturing Campus 12 – Mixed Use Lab and Retail Space Full details found at McMaster Innovation Park

Investing in Regenerative Medicines

CCRM, a global public-private partnership headquartered in Canada, is funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, and leading academic and industry partners. It supports the development of regenerative medicines and associated enabling technologies, with a specific focus on cell and gene therapy. A network of academic researchers, leading companies, strategic investors and entrepreneurs, CCRM accelerates the translation of scientific discovery into new companies and marketable products for patients, with specialized teams, funding and infrastructure.

CCRM sources and evaluates IP from around the globe offers various consulting services, conducts development projects with partners and establishes new companies built around strategic bundles of intellectual property. CCRM has a 40,000 square foot space dedicated to advanced cell manufacturing that includes a fully resourced process development facility and a Good Manufacturing Practices facility. CCRM is hosted by the University of Toronto and was launched in Toronto’s Discovery District in June 2011.

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The Evolution of Therapy

At Fusion, we are pushing the boundaries of science to create innovative precision medicines for cancer.

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing next-generation radiopharmaceuticals as precision medicines for the treatment of cancer. We have developed our Targeted Alpha Therapies, or TAT, platform together with our proprietary Fast-Clear™ linker technology to enable us to connect alpha particle emitting isotopes to antibodies and other targeting molecules in order to selectively deliver the therapies to tumors.

We believe our proprietary Fast-Clear™ linker technology is a safer approach to targeted radiopharmaceuticals. Fast-Clear™ represents a revolutionary step towards developing safe and effective new adiotherapeutics as the standard of care for the treatment of multiple tumor types.

We believe this evolution of radiopharmaceuticals holds great promise to improve the lives of patients with cancer.

Immunotherapy: Revolutionizing Cancer Care

Triumvira Immunologics, Inc. (“Triumvira”) is an immunotherapy company with the vision of developing novel T-cell therapies that are safer and more efficacious than current cell therapy cancer treatments, including chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) and engineered T-cell receptor (TCR) therapies.

Our proprietary T-cell Antigen Coupler (TAC) technology recruits the entire natural T-cell receptor and functions independent of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC), potentially allowing for the development of better therapies for a broader range of patients with solid or liquid malignancies and with diseases other than cancer. With operations spanning North America, our corporate offices are in Austin, Texas, with our research facilities in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Predicting Brain Health

VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment™ is the first assessment in the
world that reliably measures all core brain functions. These functions reflect mental abilities that allow us to live healthy, independent lives, like
memory, concentration, and decision making. The breakthrough EEGbased
neuroimaging assessment differentiates between true cognitive decline and perceived decline caused by situational factors like stress, fatigue or mood.

Early adopting healthcare professionals describe it as a “true stress test for the brain’s core functions”. The results help them make informed treatment decisions with actionable data about brain health.

McMaster Innovation park ( MIP ) is located 175 Longwood Road South in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Pleae email Canada or call (905) 667-5500 to learn more.